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Sheltered from bad weather

Sheltered from bad weather


Under the direction of the American architectural firm Olson Kundig Architects, a magnificent mountain chalet, at the same time welcoming and solid, and equipped with state-of-the-art technical facilities, has sprung up in the town of Whistler, in British Columbia, in Canada.

Located in the mountains of the west coast of Canada, this sumptuous chalet combines noble materials such as raw concrete, glass and wood. It is the work of design director Tom Kundig and project manager Steve Grim, both from the team at US studio Olson Kundig Architects. Intended especially for lovers of skiing, this shelter is a family retreat built to withstand the harsh mountain environment. Raised 3 meters above the ground, the main level gives the impression of occupying the canopy of trees, while floating above snow banks and the shores of the nearby lake. The refuge is designed as two separate structures, connected by a 24 meter long glass bridge. The largest of the wings contains the living and dining room, the master suite and two other rooms. The smaller wing has four bedrooms furnished with enough beds to accommodate the children of the family and their friends. Winding through a cluster of evergreen trees, the walkway is a symbol of natural life, intimacy and friendliness.

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