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Fantastic undulating building in Prague

Fantastic undulating building in Prague


The Masarycka building, a monument by Zaha Hadid Architects, stands to reshape the urban landscape of Prague. Spanning 28,000 m2, this office and retail complex comprises seven floors in the eastern side and nine in the western end, accommodating the growing corporate sector while adhering to contemporary working patterns.

Zaha Hadid Architects designed Masarycka, an imposing building integrated into a public square in Prague, partly located on the tracks of the historic Masaryk railway station, currently being modernized by Czech Railways and scheduled for completion in 2026. The building is built on a site abandoned for several decades, bordered by railway platforms to the south, Na Florenci Street to the north and the Wilsonova elevated highway to the east. Its design will then improve accessibility to the railway platforms below and provide new pedestrian routes between Florenc and Hybernská on either side of the station. It is envisioned as a welcoming gateway to the city for commuter and domestic rail passengers, as well as those using the express rail link currently under construction to the International Airport. Taking inspiration from the historic old town of Prague, known as the “Golden City of 100 Spires”, the design integrates external fins into the façade for solar protection and a unique interplay of horizontal and vertical elements, particularly visible on the west facade facing the spires of the old city. Masarycka is committed to sustainable development and responsible sourcing practices, aiming for LEED Platinum certification. Additionally, the building features a double-insulated façade to optimize natural light, terraces with direct access to outdoor spaces and communal rooftop gardens offering panoramic views. The construction of the building gives priority to local suppliers and materials with high recycled content, in line with the 2025 embodied and operational carbon targets set by the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge.

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