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Bel Corpo, meditation and tranquility

Bel Corpo, meditation and tranquility


In Moscow, the Babayants Architects agency has designed Bel Corpo, a monochrome body aesthetics clinic that allows you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. This project marks the firm’s first foray into the field of commercial design. Babayants’ mission was to create a minimalist, beautiful and calming studio that would put clients at ease through every stage of their treatment. The 150 m2 space uses soft lighting, a warm color palette and tactile textures for a peaceful spa retreat.

Moscow is now home to a new body aesthetics studio, Bel Corpo, designed by the famous Babayants Architects firm. This is the first commercial project of the agency, initially specializing in architecture and private interiors. The idea was to imagine an atmospheric, aesthetic and emotional place, while maintaining a minimalist image. The reception atrium is dominated by a large sculptural staircase, whose banister, made by hand and covered in plaster, curves and winds in a spiral. In the entryway, a rounded reception desk and matching pale yellow juice bar, custom-made from fiberglass, provide understated pops of color, whose glossy finish contrasts with the matte plaster walls. The bare tree branches stand vertically like works of art, enhancing the natural footprint. Simple, modern pendant lamps, arched stems with globes at the ends, creations of London lighting designer Michael Anastassiades, illuminate the atrium, while round wall sconces, adjustable in hue and brightness, impose the atmosphere in the treatment rooms. Diffuse backlighting adds additional soft light throughout the facility. The natural stone floor continues up the staircase. The first level houses men’s and women’s changing rooms with shower cabins, spa, a hydromassage shower room and other massage rooms with shower rooms. The second floor mezzanine features a bed of dried grass from the Netherlands, a textural interest clashing with the high-tech, alien-like oxygen capsule, and includes other treatment areas as well as rooms for staff and services. Bel Corpo represents an oasis of tranquility and beauty in the heart of the city, where guests can spend precious time taking care of themselves and rediscover the pleasure of living in the present moment.

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