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A residential barn with sustainability in mind

A residential barn with sustainability in mind

The picturesque hills of Italy’s Piacenza province provide the backdrop for this modern larch-clad house designed by architect Geert Koster, founder of Studio Koster. It’s a retreat for a communications specialist who lives and works in Milan and enjoys spending weekends in the countryside with her partner and beloved dogs.

After a long search for a rustic farmhouse in the area, the owner found a plot of land in the ideal location and decided to build from scratch, entrusting the project to Dutch architect Geert Koster. The design is a contemporary interpretation of country stables, which in this agricultural area usually consist of a long façade, a typical example of vernacular architecture. However, although the house clearly refers to regional traditions, the character of its exterior and interior is purely modern. Everything here is an exercise in sustainability: from the location and orientation of the building, optimizing exposure to the sun, to the choice of highly insulating materials, to the geothermal heating and cooling system. The entire residence is clad with tongue-and-groove siding made of kiln-dried natural larch, which over time takes on an attractive silver-gray color. The facades, windows and doors are perfectly aligned to create a clean, minimalist look and are virtually invisible when closed. Patios dot the exterior, as part of a wild and varied garden designed by landscape architect Antonio Perazzi. Inside, the house is centered on the kitchen and dining room, which extend outside as a raised terrace. The bedrooms are located at the western end of the building and all have their own access to the garden. The eastern end houses the entrance, living room and a staircase to the wine cellar. Each room is selected to complement the minimal interior finishes, which include concrete floors, lava stone tile, whitewash paint, and a reclaimed wood kitchen.

This home has larch-clad walls and large barn-style doors.

The building features a contemporary layout, with plenty of space for entertaining guests.

In the country, a good part of the day is spent outdoors.

The owner had the idea to create real outdoor rooms, which allow to enjoy the house all year long.

Flexform’s Tessa Outdoor armchair, with its finely crafted woven back and seat,
makes the outdoor area the homeowner’s favorite spot for endless hours of reading.

A Pico Outdoor dining table from Flexform, paired with Echoes Outdoor
chairs also from Flexform, sits near the kitchen for friendly backyard dining.

A pair of Echoes Outdoor armchairs from Flexform, placed on the west side,
allows you to comfortably watch the fields cool down at the end of the day and the sun set over the valley.

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Flexform’s Ansel sofas upholstered in sophisticated fabric shades are
chosen to furnish the patio, paired with Flexform’s Pico Outdoor coffee and side tables.

In the living room, the Any Day coffee table by Christophe Pillet
for Flexform features clean lines and a minimalist design.

Two Flexform Gatsby armchairs, upholstered in a brightly hued rust-colored fabric,
are placed near the large window that frames the view of the valley.

In the large paneled kitchen, the table is made to receive guests comfortably
seated on First Steps chairs designed by Christophe Pillet for Flexform.

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