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Pixel, a major residential area in Abu Dhabi

Pixel, a major residential area in Abu Dhabi


In the capital of the United Arab Emirates, on the island of Reem, three internationally renowned companies, IMKAN, MVRDV and CNTC, have come together to initiate one of the most ambitious real estate projects. With a daring architecture, the latter is a heavyweight. The first deliveries are scheduled for the end of 2021.

On Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, facing the ocean, a new residential area will emerge. IMKAN, UAE-based urban space designer based in Abu Dhabi, has partnered with Dutch architecture firm MVRDV and renowned Chinese construction company CNTC, to pilot the design and construction of this large-scale real estate project, including the inauguration is scheduled for the end of 2021. Called Pixel, it is built around seven medium-sized compact towers, whose varying heights aim to optimize views and shadows. Pulled towards the far end of the site, they are structured to create a central place. Oriented outward, the facades are enriched with a 3D graphic pattern. Those facing the courtyard decompose to form balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows allowing residents to come into contact with the bustling plaza, just below, and enjoy the outdoor life during the relatively balmy months of the year. Protected by ceramic screens with shimmering pearly finishes, the balconies are a nod to the emirate’s rich pearl heritage. Similar filters adorn the pavilions designed in the square to provide additional shading areas. Covering 85,000 m2, this area, designed as a place of life, leisure and entertainment, constitutes a community rich in facilities, for mixed use, where it is possible to get around on foot and easily access the nearby beach. Indeed, the towers should deliver 525 residential units ranging from small studios, penthouses and luxury residences. In addition to 26 thrilling installations, Pixel will offer interactive public spaces, such as co-working areas, gourmet restaurants offering locally sourced produce, boutiques and creative hubs.

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