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Zenith unveils a new capsule collection of straps for the Chronomaster Collection

Zenith unveils a new capsule collection of straps for the Chronomaster Collection


Zenith is once again joining LVMH and group Maisons in Paris for the 2022 edition of Viva Tech, Europe’s most prominent start-up and tech events that brings together industry leaders across many segments. This year, Zenith is expanding its presence at the fair with its own dedicated space to welcome visitors and introduce them to the Manufacture’s latest innovations and developments, including a capsule collection of straps for the Chronomaster line made using upcycled high-tech fabrics from LVMH fashion Maisons.

One of the main themes of Viva Tech 2022 is “tech on the edge”, highlighting companies and start-ups seeking novel solutions to make their innovations more responsible and mitigate their environmental impact. Within this context, Zenith is shining a light on one of its partnerships that’s offering a unique and creative solution to the issue of excess textiles used in high-fashion: Nona Source. A start-up incubated by LVMH’s DARE (Disrupt, Act & Risk to be an Entrepreneur) program, Nona Source is the first online resale platform that re-values unused fabrics from the most exclusive luxury fashion Maisons, then gives them a second life by allowing creators to easily shop these materials and reuse existing resources.

Falling within Zenith’s HORIZ-ON initiative to offset its impact on the environment by developing ecologically-conscious products and services without compromising on quality and desirability, Zenith began its collaboration with Nona Source at the start of the year with a collection of lavishly refined straps developed for the Defy Midnight women’s watch line. During Viva Tech 2022, Zenith and Nona Source are unveiling three new straps tailored for the award-winning Chronomaster Sport collection in surprising new colours and different technical fabrics.

Ready to take on the summer season with the right tones and technical properties, the first strap in the capsule collection is the “Deep Dive” strap for the boutique edition of the Chronomaster Sport, made of a water-repellent blue textile that recalls the signature blue of the Zenith tricolour dial.

The warmer seasons call for lighter, more breathable fabrics, and that’s where the second strap in the series comes in. Dubbed “Rifle Green”, this strap is made of a light cotton-linen blend fabric and adds an unexpected yet complementary colour to the traditional El Primero palette.

And finally, for a bold and decidedly urban look, a third “Pale Marigold” strap in shimmery gold cotton-blend adds an edgy look inspired by today’s convergence of streetwear and haute couture.

Measuring 20/16mm, these straps are compatible with all the references in the Chronomaster Sport and Chronomaster Open collections and are available exclusively at Zenith physical boutiques.

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