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Stand For Women and FAME Collective: A partnership in support of women artists and designers from the MENA region

Stand For Women and FAME Collective: A partnership in support of women artists and designers from the MENA region

At the recent Dubai Design Week, Stand For Women and FAME Collective launched a joint initiative in support of women artists and designers from the Middle East and North Africa region. This dynamic partnership between Stand For Women and FAME Collective aims to empower and support women, particularly within the thriving arts scene of the MENA region. This initiative is led by women for women.

The curatorial exhibition “Traces of the Land” was held in Dubai last November as part of Dubai Design Week, where the partnership had a beautiful booth showcasing a unique collection of design and artistry. The collection included furniture, lifestyle pieces and ceramics, representing a fusion of creativity from wellrenowned designers. Many participating women artists from several countries of the MENA region were exhibited on the much visited and acclaimed booth: Talin Hazbar, Nada Debs, Carla Baz, Iwan Maktabi, Saccal Design House, Karina Sukar, Naqsh Collective, ARE Studio, Form The Studio, Home Figures, Nevine Bouez, Sahar Bizri, Eclectic Decks, Yakin, Nada Zeineh, and Nadine Roufael.
Speaking recently about the launch, Christina Jabara, co-founder of FAME shared her vision for using art and style to “break down boundaries and build an innovative space for celebrating all Middle Eastern women together.” Lara Jabara, her daughter and co-founder emphasizes that “FAME is a community created by women for women.”
Christina added: “FAME Collective is honored to share that their first charity partnership is with Lebanonbased organization Stand For Women. This inspiring non-profit organization works across the Middle East to advocate for the empowerment of women in the workforce, sharing our priority of supporting working women and female entrepreneurship within the region. United by our values on equality and our mission to increase the gender balance across multiple contexts, this collaboration enables FAME to increase the impact of our work by ensuring a proportion of profit goes to support positive social and economic progress throughout MENA.”
On this occasion, Caroline Fattal, founder of Stand For Women, said: “We are proud to be partnering with FAME Collective, an admirable platform founded by women and showcasing inspiring creations from women from the Middle East art and design scene. Our joint initiative aims to support women artists and designers, by giving them exposure and creating new growth streams for their businesses outside of their homeland. Supporting women entrepreneurs is at a core of Stand For Women’s mission and we are committed to use our platform to make these talented women artists more visible. Together with FAME, we are supporting talented and renowned women designers and creating a global community for empowering women creatives in arts and culture. We truly believe we cannot achieve prosperity and peace in the region if we leave half the population aside. Together we can change the narrative, the numbers and create a more balanced and peaceful world.”

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