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Decorative ideas for the home

Decorative ideas for the home


From coffee tables to convertible sofas and designer armchairs, not to mention chairs, shelves and lighting, here is a wide range of quality products carefully selected to help you find the ideal furniture for your home, but also for your outdoor space, making your terrace or garden a unique place of relaxation and comfort.

Fruit of the meeting between the cabinetmaker Luka Rennesson and the CO workshop, the Plô collection, composed of tables, coffee tables and stools, is made of wood and recycled plastic tops from waste, including yogurt pots. The stools have a storage space hidden under the seat cushion. The range comes in two colors, raw oak and dark marble type top (but it is plastic) or midnight blue finish and white speckled top (Terrazzo type).

Blå Station’s Bob family continues to grow and becomes even more flexible and versatile. Thus, Bobby is perfected with a sloping back, always neat and soft. With powerful magnets, it will assemble to form sofas of any length and give any space a concise graphic profile. The new Bobban footstool allows for perpendicular configurations, as well as use as a divider or, why not, as an ottoman or freestanding table.

The distinctive feature of the Hood chair, designed by Spaniard Francesc Rifè for Zanette, is the curved wooden profile that defines its arms and back. The horseshoe shape of the oak structure embraces the voluminous seat cushions, covered with leather, fabric or other personalized coverings, and contributes to emphasize the lines of a piece of furniture made of some intertwined geometries, which clearly recall the typical language of the 50s.

Designed by Adam Goodrum for Blå Station, Big Talk is an eye-catching chair that takes over any space and grows as an obvious solitaire. Placed from front to back, it forms a snake-like creation in different directions. The front part of the backrest and the seat shine in the same color, while the backrest can be combined with textile samples in the form of a color book.

SSD Soft chair by Tiptoe with oak backrest and plastic seat covered by a generous foam covered with a recycled fabric, removable and washable thanks to the snaps located under the seat. Available in four colors, it can be adapted to contemporary or more colorful decorations.

Straight and honest with meticulous attention to detail, the Princess bench from Blå Station is also welcoming in all directions and ready for formal and informal gatherings. A piece of furniture that will lighten up neglected public spaces with the ambition to bring people together in real life, beyond the virtual bubbles of smartphones. Inspired by slatted beds, it offers fine woodwork and can be ordered in any length.

The tubular steel and solid wood arms of the Jackson chair, designed by Borselius & Bernstrand for Blå Station, are as distinctive a detail as a pair of red or black patent leather shoes. It is upholstered in a soft, sensuous fabric, contrasting sharply with the distinctive horns and metal legs. The arms and legs are available in brass, matte chrome, black oxidized steel or lacquered steel. Wooden handles are made of ash, oak and walnut; all are available in stained or oiled finish.

Chair from the Zero collection, designed by Andrea Bonini for Turri, with wooden structure, glossy coffee lacquered polyester finish, covered with leather or fabric and leather.

Milano table, design SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli for Turri, with metal structure, brushed nickel, glossy polyester wood finish, lacquered dark brown color and leather applications. Other finishes in wood and leather are available.

Seoul-based designer Shinkyu Shon fuses tempered glass, steel and wood for his first collection. Named Split, it includes a horizontal and vertical shelf, a bench, a dining table and a coffee table. It is made from pine pieces, which evoke the wood used to build traditional Korean houses, called hanoks. The glass embodies Western beauty; it is simple, man-made and mass-produced.

The Temp chair is designed by South Korean designer Joo Ho Young as an environmentally focused seating solution that uses recycled, recyclable and affordable material. Made from simple OSB panels, it is assembled with a single strap, creating a sturdy seat without screws, glue or tools. Simply add one or two cushions to maximize comfort. This strap is also used to wrap the furniture.

A mix of steel, wood and acrylic, Oli table, designed by Kevin Hviid, is washed in metallic blue and topped with sheets of fluorescent acrylic plexiglass, creating an interesting play of light and color. Rich in detail and depth, it features a strong ellipse and mirror reflection of its geometric shapes in the middle, with the aim of confusing the user as to where the table begins and where it ends.

Vine chair by Frank Jiang for Turri, with wooden structure, finished in solid wood and walnut veneer in gray.
Leather upholstery, also available in fabric. Brushed gold metal details.

Spektrum is the result of an exciting cooperation between Karim Rashid and Deknudt Mirrors. Together they explore the limits of screen printing technology by using transparent colors. Layers of paint create the different colored areas on the mirror and overlapping layers produce multiple hues. Spektrum follows Rashid’s design beliefs, being both artistic and functional. It can be hung horizontally or vertically, in four directions.

With its slightly rounded shape, bottom dimple and brass stem, the Mela fixture is reminiscent of a slightly flattened peach or apple. Made from matte opal glass, it has a beautiful velvety texture, allowing soft light to emerge throughout. The dimple creates a concentration of light giving a beautiful overall effect. Designed for Hand & Eye by Mentsen, it comes in two versions: pendant and ceiling or wall.

Hungarian designer Zsuzsanna Horvath created Illan for Luceplan, a delicate and striking suspension made of a very light body of extremely thin and flexible plywood, laser-cut along densely packed equidistant lines. Once suspended from the ceiling, the luminaire takes on volume, thanks to the force of gravity, and assumes its characteristic shape that floats in the air. The skillful use of the LED source generates a comfortable and relaxing diffused light.

Robust and comfortable, the Momang chair is designed by Johan Lindau for Blå Station. Two long pieces for the back legs, a second pair for the front and six more for the crosspieces and seat. All this from a 4.4 meter long piece of wood.

Adam Court, OKHA’s creative director, conceives of the Curator Lounge Chair as a singular sculptural form on which to recline, rest and reflect. Its sharp, chiseled form changes with the angle of view, creating an unlikely balance from a seemingly random but intuitive asymmetry. Certainly, this is one of the most provocative lounge chairs launched in the design world. Available in a variety of high-end and custom fabrics or leathers.

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Rectangular table from the Melting Light collection by Frank Jiang for Turri. Wooden structure, finished in solid wood and sand-colored walnut veneer. Top insert in Tobacco al Verso marble. Leather application. Brushed gold metal details. Also available without marble insert.

Made of ceramic, Isola side table, designed by the Milanese agency Cara\Davide for Portego, consists of two imposing conical legs topped by a small round top. Its slight gradation participates in the accentuation of the volumes. With its powerful design, it will become the focal point of a modern interior, its geometrical silhouette generating a seductive multidimensional visual effect.

Materials, colors, finishes and refined details are the ingredients to enhance the personality and character of the Finn collection, designed by Marcello Ziliani for Scab Design. The chair and the armchair are available, respectively for the frame and the seat, in the combinations steel and wood, steel and fabric, wood and wood or wood and fabric, to compose a complete and coherent set able to satisfy the most varied living solutions.

Evolve, an elegant black chair made from 100% recycled plastic, is created by designer Tom Robinson and is made from electronic waste processed by The Good Plastics Company, based in the Netherlands. Its color comes from black plastic, which is ground up before being converted into panels in a special process that results in a material that doesn’t look or feel like plastic. The panels are easily assembled, can withstand any environment and are infinitely recyclable.

The new Mosaiko line, designed by Alberto Lievore for Fast, includes five coffee tables of different shapes and heights that can be customized with the top, choosing between aluminum and dotted aluminum. It is possible to combine shapes, colors and sizes, creating large and varied supports that can be adapted to different contexts and needs.

Fast launches Onda, a collection of outdoor rugs made of polypropylene and offered in rectangular form, in two sizes and three color variations: Arizona, Rock and Sunset. Washable, resistant to atmospheric agents and mildew, these mats are an elegant and practical solution for outdoor, residential or contract spaces.

To celebrate the centenary of the Bauhaus, Ukrainians from Noom Studio share a modernist collection, with simple geometric forms, signed by Kiev-based designer Kateryna Sokolova. Among the highlights is the Gropius chair in white and cobalt blue, inspired by the sphere and cylinder and named after the German architect and founder of the Bauhaus school, Walter Gropius.

Designed by Andrea Bonini for Turri, Zenit chair with armrests is characterized by the suspension strongly evident in its slim legs in lacquered metal. The structure is covered with leather with comfortable cushions for the back and the seat in fabric or leather.

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