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Two charming chalets in Qana

Two charming chalets in Qana


Located on a steep hill in Qana, 60 km from Tyre, in southern Lebanon, and overlooking the eastern side of the village, these two chalets are designed by architect and interior designer Reine Chahda.

Conceived and designed by Reine Chahda, this project initially consisted of building two chalets for two brothers, within a landscaped extension of the parents’ residence. Instead of designing two separate entities, Chahda created a single architecture, a volume uniting the two. Thus, the concept is based on a metal canopy housing two cubes of 120 m² each. Two interior gardens adjacent to the cubes submerge, leaving an imprint in the metal roof in the form of two zenithal openings. These allow light to seep into the side aisles. As for the exterior cladding, it is made of striated wood (WPC) on three sides. The main facade stands out like a large bay window, firstly guaranteeing natural lighting of the interior space and thereby accentuating the interior-exterior relationship, for a convivial atmosphere and exceptional well-being. The two buildings stand on an L-shaped platform, covered in sumptuously marbled Calacatta, in order to raise the building above the garden level. Each chalet houses two bedrooms set back from the garden, to maximize the panoramic views from the living spaces.

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