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The good life in Miami

The good life in Miami

All in length and designed on two floors, this family house, of 1,250 m2, shaped by SAOTA, is perfectly adapted to the climate of Florida. The desire of architects to promote usefulness in design, in order to best connect spaces, makes it their international success.

Inspired by the south african lifestyle, from which the architectural firm SAOTA originates, this luxurious house was conceived. The desired transparency and openness to the outside blurs the boundaries between inside and outside, allowing its occupants to move comfortably and unhindered between the different spaces, interior courtyards, terraces and swimming pool. Located on the Miami Peninsula, Florida, and adjacent to a waterway, this architectural gem enjoys direct access to the marina, convenient for docking directly at home! Privacy is protected by an ingenious black stamped aluminum shading screen, allowing not only to see without being seen from the upper floor, but also to protect against the heat of the sun. Conducive to zen, the interior decor favors wood and white for the furniture, a perfect marriage for an elegant sobriety that combines with tropical vegetation. During the day, natural light floods each room thanks to the large bay windows; and when evening has fallen, the rows of spotlights on the ceiling produce a soft light, creating a pleasant environment and restful comfort. A playful wink, a toboggan slides from the floor to the pool for a dip in the turquoise water.

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