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Dubai’s most expensive penthouse sale

Dubai’s most expensive penthouse sale


The result of a collaboration between Benjelloun Piper Architecture and Nakheel, in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, the Como Residences Penthouse, sold for a exorbitant $136 million, is making headlines, while setting a new benchmark in the city’s luxury real estate market. This 2,040 m2 (22,000 sq. ft.) architectural masterpiece is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation, creativity and design excellence.

Contemplating the majesty of the Como Residences Tower, it seems that the uniqueness of its design stops at the level of its exterior architecture. However, the jewel of this 71-story tower currently under development lies at its top, embodied by a penthouse of magnificent scale. If the tower, designed by Boubker Benjelloun and Benjamin Piper, partners and co-founders of Benjelloun Piper Architecture, redefines the architectural panorama of Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah, the penthouse seals their reputation for excellence and innovation. Its future owners, originally from Eastern Europe, understood this well, acquiring it for 136 million dollars (500 million Emirati dirhams). The apartment not only secured its place as Dubai’s pinnacle of luxury, but also ranked as the most expensive beachfront penthouse in the world and the third most expensive penthouse ever built and sold worldwide. In fact, the private elevator that leads there attests to the opulence of the service and the living experience enjoyed by the residence, particularly between security and privacy. On the other hand, the view opens completely onto 360º of beaches and sea. This atmosphere of freedom is also amplified by the fluidity of the living spaces. The office, for example, overlooks the living rooms which juxtapose the kitchen. Following the same logic, the interior plans project without interruption, breaking down into terraces with minimalist glass balustrades. Beyond this welcoming aspect, the whole is characterized by comfortable luxury, without frills. From the practical elegance of the dressing room to the large and plush armchairs in the living rooms, the penthouse exudes natural ease.

Boubker Benjelloun and Benjamin Piper, partners and co-founders
of the Benjelloun Piper Architecture firm, at the height of their creation.

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