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The art of living inside-out

The art of living inside-out


Nestled on the picturesque south coast of Maui, Hawaii, with views of the ocean, mountain scenery and neighboring islands, this home is designed as a sanctuary for a multi-generational family, where memories are made, experiences shared and active lifestyles supported. This dream comes to life in a stunning contemporary home of approximately 557 m2, designed by de Reus Architects, with an interior lovingly signed by Philpotts Interiors.

At first glance, the building, designed by de Reus Architects on the island of Maui, Hawaii, appears to be an ode to minimalist aesthetics. With a focus on a “less is more” approach, its architecture wonderfully blends contemporary and casual, which is perfect for its coastal neighborhood. Yet, at its core, the residence aims to establish a deep connection with nature and foster a dynamic and comfortable living environment. Harmoniously merging the internal and external zones, large retractable doors open into the main gathering areas: a flowing, open-plan living space, dining room and kitchen. Positioned between the pool and the interior, the covered veranda makes the transition to the outdoors almost imperceptible, guaranteeing an intimate corner to relax and soak up the breathtaking views. In keeping with the home’s commitment to the locality, the interior design by Philpotts Interiors is a tribute to Hawaiian culture. Locally sourced Ohia wood dominates the entrance, great room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms and veranda, nodding to the land’s rich resources. Luxurious custom pieces, in some cases by Philpotts Interiors, are dotted around in the form of benches, coffee tables, mirrors and wall art. Selected furniture by Maui Custom Woodworks and JANUS et Cie, wall coverings by Mark Alexander, and pillows by Jim Thompson, among others, enhance the warmth and character of the abode. The construction incorporates various sustainable strategies, including large roof overhangs for shading, natural ventilation, metal-clad doors and windows, photovoltaic solar panels and battery storage, and high-performance glazing. The result is a well-insulated, energy-efficient home with LEED Silver certification, where homeowners can enjoy the beauty of Maui while living a sustainable lifestyle. Whether it’s the home’s locally sourced materials, clever use of surfaces, or sustainable practices, there’s something incredibly special about calling this place home.

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