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Luxury residence in Arizona, USA

Luxury residence in Arizona, USA


In the Arizona desert, in the southwest of the United States, this house, designed by the Kendell Design Collaborative studio, offers an ideal break from city life. In a panorama of ocher rocks, cacti and thorny shrubs, it constitutes an oasis of modernity and tranquility.

Located in a sumptuous natural setting in the middle of the Arizona desert, near the city of Paradise Valley, in the southwest of the United States, this sublime contemporary home is designed by the architectural firm Kendell Design Collaborative. Built mainly in adobe, the huge house is sure to catch the eye, thanks to its unusual architecture. Although thought to blend into its unique natural environment of exhilarating and splendid landscapes, the construction is out of the ordinary, thanks to its incredible sculptural roof that seems to float above its structure, composed of beautiful volumes. Indeed, the floating canopy, whose lower face is made up of tectonic shapes inspired by local geology and cloud formation during the monsoon period, begins in the interior living environments and gradually increases the view on the mountain going up to 180 degrees. Using natural light and the breeze as fundamental design elements, the building, which lives with the seasons, gives pride of place to noble materials. The walls in laminated adobe, in perforated concrete, wood, stone, metal and glass, blend and overlap to cleverly create a playful set of spaces and organic shapes harmoniously embedded in their setting.

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