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Elie Saab Maison opens in Paris. The Home Collection of the Haute Couture Brand arrives in the heart of the french capital

Elie Saab Maison opens in Paris. The Home Collection of the Haute Couture Brand arrives in the heart of the french capital


Elie Saab and Corporate Brand Maison are proud to announce the opening of the first Elie Saab Maison showroom in Paris, in partnership with AD Home. The space is located in the beating heart of the french capital, next to the Brand’s Flagship Store. If Beirut is the designer’s hometown, the place where his remarkable journey began, Paris is undoubtedly the city that has provided the Brand with more inspiration than any other.

Located just a few steps away from the Champs-Elysées, next to Elie Saab’s Boutique in Avenue George V, the space, inaugurated in occasion of fashion week, celebrates a special partnership between fashion and design. Elie Saab Maison arrives in the center of the Golden Triangle, an ideal space where you can find the most exclusive international high fashion brands and the most prestigious addresses in the French capital. A unique location with a magical ambience created by the amazing Art déco testimonials, the predominant architectural style of this neighborhood’s buildings and squares, whose references are found in the style of the furniture items of the Haute Couture Brand.

“Paris is a special, unique and magical place. It is the place I call home, along with Beirut, where it all started. Paris has always inspired my art, with its inimitable style, in which I have transferred my personal ideal of elegance, inspired by this city in many ways. The opening of the showroom dedicated to the Maison collection is another step of the journey. It’s an essential stage of a voyage that touches the places most dear to me, where you want to be and not where you have to be”, states Elie Saab.
“This opening certainly marks an essential moment in Elie Saab Maison’s international development process, which is proceeding according to the plans we had announced at the time of its presentation. The Paris showroom is linked to that of Beirut, underlining an intimate bond between the collection and the Brand’s most significant places, capable of transferring, into the furnishing objects, the same aesthetic and value codes that have made it so popular, so loved, in the Haute Couture world. The alliance with a prestigious partner such as AD Home, alongside Elie Saab Maison, already in Lebanon, fits perfectly into a project that aims at uncompromising excellence, the sharing of a vision, the affirmation of a unique ideal lifestyle”, states Massimiliano Ferrari, President of Corporate Brand Maison.

The showroom is right next to Elie Saab’s flagship, in a prominent location. The internal space, divided into two large rooms, will host all the items of the Maison collection, in rotation: on the occasion of the opening, a dining area and a large living area have been set up, enriched by numerous accessories, lighting products and some iconic items from the rug collection. The stylistic setting is the same one we find in Milan and Beirut’s showrooms, except for some specifications designed specifically for Paris by Carlo Colombo, Creative Director of the Corporate Brand Maison, together with his team.
When entering the showroom, you walk right into Elie Saab’s world, breathing the brand in its entirety. Each aspect has been conceived to immediately convey a sense of enveloping beauty. Each material has been selected with great care: from the marbles chosen for the floors to the ornaments, textiles and metals that embellish the walls, capable of creating an absolute balance between the richness of the space and that of the objects inside it, fully reflecting the Brand’s sophisticated DNA. What truly stands out among the elements that characterize the showroom are the panels covered in leather with bronze details, which surround a large screen on which it is possible to view the entire collection. And then the mirrored cabinets, as functional as they are spectacular, which reflect the light that rests on the surfaces, creating contrasting effects.
The Corporate Brand Maison’s initiatives for 2022 do not end with Paris. A substantial international development plan is scheduled for Elie Saab Maison, which will continue in the coming months. A total of 20 openings are planned, including showrooms and spaces dedicated to the Brand, in collaboration with exclusive partners, between the Middle and Far East, in the main European capitals, and the western and eastern coasts of the United States.

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