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A sumptuous haven of peace in Kiev

A sumptuous haven of peace in Kiev


Not far from Kiev, this Ukrainian residence, sublimated by a modern architecture, is free of any banality, thanks to the audacity of the Bolshakova Interiors studio, founded by Nataly Bolshakova. Nestled in its green setting, it offers contemporary and comfortable living spaces. Take a guided tour of this spectacular place with volumes flooded with light.

In Ukraine, near Kiev, the charm of this sublime residence, designed by one of the great names in Ukrainian interior design, Nataly Bolshakova, head of Bolshakova Interiors, is to be savored. Specializing in private residences, this studio has gone to great lengths to create an exceptional villa, where every detail counts and shapes its beauty. Spread over 350 m2, the building is unique, simply because it is a country house with a modern makeover, where integrity and harmony with the environment are key elements. A two-story structure, with geometric form and simple, clean lines, which is beautifully revealed through the landscape and the trees. Its exterior facades are transparent, with a ribbon of glass punctuated by wood panels. Inside, there is a feeling of quietude and plenitude. Each room exposes its impressive details. Soothing colors, natural materials, lighting, hanging lamps, furniture, configurations… Everything is carefully studied to create a spacious and ambitious cocoon where the owners can live as well as host. Another particularity: bathed in light, all the spaces benefit from an unobstructed view of the idyllic setting.

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