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Idyllic villa by the sea

Idyllic villa by the sea


Acquired 20 years ago by the famous writer and philosopher Bernard Henry-Lévy and his wife Arielle Dombasle, this sumptuous residence, located in Morocco and dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, is the work of the french interior designer Andrée Putman, now deceased. The result is breathtaking!

Perched on top of a cliff in Tangier, facing the strait of Gibraltar, where the Atlantic and the Mediterranean meet, the villa, owned by Bernard Henry-Lévy, spreads its wings over nearly 620 m². Renowned for being one of four homes ever designed by french designer and interior architect Andrée Putman, the gleaming white luxury home is a true masterpiece of clean lines and geometric shapes. Skirting the beach so close that one gets lost in the turquoise horizon, the exquisite residence, swept by the sea breeze, is spread over six floors. It is built around five bedrooms and six bathrooms, a sauna, a gym, another for meditation and a 25-meter outdoor infinity pool. Minimalist, fluid, generously bathed in light, its interior, decorated with mastery, cultivates elegance and the art of living by the sea, reflecting living environments and rooms that open onto large terraces with views impregnable on the coast, and this, thanks to huge bay windows. In terms of materials, the owners have spared no expense. Bringing stone from Italy, wire from an old factory in America and very special wood from Canada, they made it a perfect little piece of paradise to stroll around!

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