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History of a contemporary hotel in China

History of a contemporary hotel in China


Whoever visits the shores of Lake Houhai in Beijing, China, will find a little wonder there. VUE, the first in a chain of establishments, created by architectural firm Ministry of Design, is a boutique hotel that is as modern as it is rooted in Chinese heritage.

VUE, a name signifying the intention of this place of stay: to overturn the rules of Chinese hospitality, while retaining their essence. For this, Ministry of Design, in charge of the project, created a hotel whose eclectic design only enhances the traditional setting of Lake Houhai and its historic houses. The set includes a series of architectural and artistic gems. Its buildings, which date back to the 1950s, have been remodeled, with here and there particular decorative touches. The contemporary rooms feature unique bathing areas with a dramatic style. Everything is unified thanks to the playful use of colors and the surrounding landscaping. Then there is what makes VUE a social place that blends into its surroundings. First, the FAB Café, overlooking the main street of Hutong from which the design is inspired. Perfect for immersing yourself in the daily life of the city. Then, the Pink Rabbit Restaurant, whose roof sports two giant pink rabbits made of wire, announcing the whimsical and sophisticated character of its reception. Also on the roof, the jacuzzi and its Moon Bar, whose name plays so well on Chinese legends associating the rabbit with the moon.

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