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SISB, Phase II, for better education

SISB, Phase II, for better education


Phase II of the Singapore International School of Bangkok, Thonburi, designed by Plan Architect, is the expansion phase for high school students. In the new project, the two buildings are aligned on the rear edge to create a large green activity space shared between the two areas. The main school includes classrooms, an auditorium, a gymnasium, a library, an administrative office, staff rooms and a common area.

The main concept of this school by Plan Architect is to create a space where students can learn about architecture in all circumstances. Its form is designed in a linear way with a double-loaded corridor of 8 meters wide in front of each classroom, constituting a common space and a circulation at the same time. To avoid the lack of natural light and ventilation, the building is separated into two parts and additional halls to let in wind and sunlight. The horizontal façade is used to connect the buildings. With one end at the periphery is an auditorium, Building A, closer to the entrance, made to extend the wing and accommodate students as well as all users with a covered walkway. Another end of building B is planned for the location of the gymnasium. The main hall of both blocks is specially established to serve as a ventilation control room according to daily weather conditions. Equipped with horizontal fins and an opaque wall, it is intended to be a transitional place, where social activities can be held and natural light penetrates with less heat. In the lobby of the expansion wing, a podium can be used as a theater with the library below. As for the one on the green roof, it would be a staircase to join the green surfaces from the ground to the top. The oval pattern connects landscape and architecture, acting as activity areas with a variety of multi-functional grounds, such as the recessed courtyard that can serve as an amphitheater on both sides. An experimental design in all circumstances that encourages learning abilities for all.

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