An architectural “fingerprint” in line with Kuala Lumpur’s new DNA

SPARK architects and developer Nusmetro design a sculptural landmark interface to Kuala Lumpur’s new vibrant urban district, Mont Kiara. The 200,000 m2 development, Arté Mont Kiara, is made up of two residential towers and a hotel that sit strategically at the gateway of the city.

A testament to its recent gentrification, the structure revives the centre of the Kuala Lumpur architecturally as well as integrates directly the public infrastructural network to stimulate flow. Sitting at gateway of the town, the project blends in with its centre but also acts as a landmark, by unifying architecture and program. Nusmetro aims to design a development that provides spaces for people who want “to live, work and play” in the midst of the metropolis. By challenging the local standard residential typology of SE Asia, SPARK introduces three unique structures that interlock, to create an ensemble of amenities and architecture. The base of Arté Mont Kiara thus becomes an important feature, acting as a threshold between the metropolis and its residents. By revolutionizing the traditional faceless car podium, it becomes an urban living anchor of entrances, retail, car parking and cultural facilities. The 7 storey podium displays fluidity to invite users in but also erects the towers up. This lightness is manifested by horizontal fins at the bottom to convey an organic translation upon arrival. Above, the three 60 storey buildings of 1,600 numerous sized units further embrace fluidity by merging into a singular ribbed expression. These architectural aluminium elements are generated by the client’s thumb print, leaving a unique human mark; the ribs transform the appearance of the towers due to the patterns created by the different rib combinations. This allow for a juxtaposition of fresh scenic exterior views, but mixed with retro French baroque style interiors.
SPARK by Nusmetro boldly create KL’s tallest residential developments with the tower forms’ new imprint. Making not only a theatrical statement on the city skyline but also introducing a novel reference of branding an advertisement.

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