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A property in harmony with nature

A property in harmony with nature

In Portugal, in Amieira, near the famous coastal town of Marinha Grande, known for its glass artworks, the architects of Contaminar Arquitetos have imagined a single-family residence with no boundaries between inside and outside. Fascinating.

It’s easy to fall under the spell of this spacious and bright villa. Located in Amieira, Portugal, the residence, designed by Contaminar Arquitetos, stands out first and foremost for its spectacular black metal roof, which gives it an unusual cachet. The property, which makes the most of natural light, also impresses with its diagonal lines and zigzag geometry. Contemporary, the building cannot deny its modernist inspiration: daylight, large simple spaces, completely open and inextricably linked to the natural environment… Perforated in the center by a patio that draws it in a U shape, the building unfolds on a single level and develops into several wings. Inside, it plays on the register of extreme simplicity to open up and merge with the landscape that serves as a showcase. The decoration is of an almost monastic sobriety reflecting the taste of an elegance without artifice. As a result, the living rooms are not overcrowded, as if to leave the spotlight on the exceptional setting that becomes an integral part of the interior. Modern but not only, the house is also ecological. Large glass openings are combined with reinforced concrete walls to provide the best possible energy efficiency to the large volumes.

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