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A prodigious extension

A prodigious extension


In the heart of Vienna, Austria, a new structure is added to a historic building, to form apartments with terrace and swimming pool. Grafting the new onto the old is the challenge taken up by the architecture studio FADD Architects.

In the Mariahilf district of Vienna, Austria, three daring dwellings are built on top of an old building. This innovation is the work of FADD Architects, an italian architectural design studio, founded by Marco Acri, Antonio Di Foggia and Fabrizio Fasolino, who have worked together since 2007. This roof extension, spanning 540 m2, generates homes of different sizes (ranging from 170 to 190 m²) each of which has a swimming pool and a 90 m² balcony. A fundamental element of the design, the terrace, with its teak floor, its outdoor kitchen and its swimming pool, constitutes the original component of the place and allows you to enjoy the best of spring and summer. The architectural office worked in partnership with interior design professionals, specialized galleries, responsible for installing works of art inside apartments, local businesses and artisans, to design the custom furniture. Impeccably decorated, these new residences boast remarkable luxury without being ostentatious. Great attention is paid to materials and colors, with the aim of forming a space of natural and welcoming elegance. This is how the architects brought all their know-how and the touch of the famous Made in Italy to it.

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