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A villa overlooking the sea in San Francisco

A villa overlooking the sea in San Francisco

Privileged location, exceptional architecture, eclectic decoration but above all a breathtaking view of the ocean. Here is a brief description of this luxury californian haunt, built in San Francisco. Perfectly marrying the surrounding framework, it is signed by Walker Warner Architects. Visit.

Nestled on a hillside on a cliff facing east of the Tiburon Peninsula, this two-story residence offers breathtaking panoramic views of San Francisco Bay, while acting as a natural buffer against the road and neighboring houses. Reflecting the owner’s penchant for the arts and nature, the house incorporates bold and surprising aesthetic features. Isolated, it is designed in a unique configuration, to accommodate visiting friends as well as a multi-generational family, while providing a harmonious balance between private and common living spaces. For this, the designers at Walker Warner Architects use the entire site to give the impression of a complex rather than a stand-alone building. The envelope consists of a combination of vertical siding panels, in red cedar, and horizontal, in zinc, punctuated by doors and windows with dark bronze anodized aluminum frames. To better showcase the beauty of the green and maritime setting, the creators favor horizontal architecture, rooted in the terraced landscape. The deep overhangs help to minimize the height of the home and lengthen its shape, while the asymmetrical arrangement of the openings further accentuates its modernism.

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