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A naturally artistic house in Madrid

A naturally artistic house in Madrid


A magnificent and luxuriant landscape, a topaz blue lake and a land of 1,360 m2. These are the inspiring elements of this masterpiece designed by the Ramón Esteve studio in Madrid. A process that respects nature and seeks to enhance it without altering it.

In the residential districts of Madrid’s mountains, vegetation is king. On the hill the oaks grew majestic, resembling works of art. A perfect setting for this residence which aims to be playful in its structure and artistic atmosphere. On the architectural side, Ramón Esteve has created a building with interwoven volumes, like a giant puzzle: a box juxtaposing the other, a third interlocking. Here a single floor with high ceilings, there two for a more intimate effect. Here a sculptural staircase leading to the bedrooms, there steps that lead to the secret of the home, a cellar where wine flirts with decor. The main space thus demarcated extends beyond itself, thanks to Corten steel canopies, giving life to a large terrace. This encounter with the environment is continuous, throughout the facades. The entrance to the residence revolves around three main holm oaks, the oldest of which greets visitors like a royal butler. The two others form the roundabout which orders the arrival by car. Embracing this green area, the lobby constitutes a transitional function, the pavement of which crosses the interior, ending in a longitudinal body of water that connects with the nearby swimming pool. A virtual arrow pierces the house right through, blurring, thanks to its very materials, the boundaries between the work of man and that of the universe!

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