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When Asia comes to Italy

When Asia comes to Italy


In the Piedmont region of Italy, the local architectural firm Damilano Studio Architects has designed a one-story above-ground villa, both contemporary and refined, where the serenity that emanates from its lines is largely inspired by the Japan.

Located at the foot of the Alps, Piedmont is an Italian region bordering France and Switzerland. It is here that Damilano Studio Architects, under the direction of architect Duilio Damilano and in collaboration with Emanuele Meinero, imagines a villa built in a strategic position, due to the view and the exposure. The site benefits from a panoramic perspective on the Alps and the plain below. The inspiration for this project is the fruit of a long trip to Asia, where the client, influenced by the atmosphere perceived in some Japanese cities, by the hectic life that distinguishes their inhabitants, but also by the feeling of serenity and calm inside temples and houses, wanted to feel the same emotions in his home. The architects have translated this request into a residence with an extremely contemporary design, but with a changing environment, which changes over time and varies in its colors. This is how, on a site of around 20,000 m2, following the demolition of a previous building, they built a one-story house above ground. Finally, to satisfy another passion of the owners, the basement of 300 m2 is entirely used as a garage for their collection of cars.

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