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The National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ)

The National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ)

The National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) image

The National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) was inaugurated in March 2019, welcoming the public for an unprecedented immersive experience, in an architectural masterpiece by Jean Nouvel. The interior design of the museum is very rich and is signed by the studio Koichi Takada Architects.

Rose of the desert, the National Museum of Qatar is dedicated to the country’s ancient and recent history. Designed by the internationally renowned French architect Jean Nouvel, its architecture symbolically evokes the desert, its silent and eternal dimension, but also its spirit of modernity and daring. “To build a 350-meter-long building, with its large inwardly curved disks, its intersections and its cantilevered elements – anything reminiscent of a desert rose – we had to face enormous technical challenges. This building is at the cutting edge of technology, like Qatar itself”, explains the designer. By browsing through the different volumes, we never know what awaits us, the idea being to create contrasts and surprises. For example, you can go from a room closed high enough by an inclined disc, to another whose intersection is much lower, which induces dynamic tension. The construction covers 52,000 square meters with a 1.5 kilometer circuit, which forms a loop. The full tour of the interior rooms, created by the Koichi Takada Architects studio, lasts approximately two hours, and ends with the discovery of the old restored Royal Palace. A real enchantment.


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