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Watches & Wonders 2021: Cartier’s new timepieces

Watches & Wonders 2021: Cartier’s new timepieces


Cartier’s exacting standards and its vision of design drive the Maison to relentlessly pursue its quest for perfect form. The Maison’s teams are motivated not only by an uncompromising prism of interpretation, but also a shared ambition, constantly pushing their creative limits further. This search for full mastery of form has, over time, become its signature.

The latest Watches & Wonders fair showcases this persistent work with three iconic models being presented as design objects. Taking centre stage are great classics like the Tank Must, inspired by the Tank Louis Cartier, an innovative piece that integrates a photovoltaic movement and a material strap created using responsible and sustainable production practices. And the Pasha de Cartier collection, now available in a women’s and a chronograph version. Cloche de Cartier, a rare and uniquely shaped model introduced back in 1920, now enters in the Cartier Privé collection, dedicated to connoisseurs who celebrate and explore the Maison’s mythical aesthetic through numbered, limited edition watches.
Aesthetic conventions and functionality free the creativity trapped between these constraints, asserting itself through daring and unique encounters. Thus, in the Cartier Libre collection, signature watches are combined with creatures from the menagerie. Fine Watchmaking timepieces unveil an interaction between iconic complications such as the mysterious, the skeleton and the tourbillon. The panther makes numerous appearances, the muse to a jewelled sculpture on a precious watch and lends its silhouette to a mysterious miniature clock, keeping guard of its time. The perfect form – established as a fixed idea in its antique watches and later found in Cartier Vintage, models created between 1970 and 2010 using the Maison’s watchmaking heritage. Multifaceted, diverse, and complementary creations that reflect the Maison’s creativity. All different yet all connected in some way: a clean, precise line like that of a designer, the realisation of a vision, an intention that elevates design to the point of culture.

Tank Must.

Tank Louis Cartier.

Cloche de Cartier.

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