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Easter Creations 2021: exceptional wonders

Easter Creations 2021: exceptional wonders


For this year’s Easter celebrations, the Grandes Maisons have bent over backwards to satisfy the tastes, demands and palates of the most gourmands. While some have opted for original creations, others have preferred to work on the unavoidable holiday eggs. Discover our selection of crunchy chocolates!

Gourmandises on the beach: a gourmet dessert by Christophe Roussel, composed of a dark chocolate mousse with
Bahiana signature at 6% cocoa, a creamy caramel, a soft cookie, a tender caramel and a gianduja crunch. A wink to the beautiful Côte d’Amour with these chocolate bunnies enjoying themselves on the big beach… Addiction guaranteed!

Greedy Nest: this creation contains an almond mousse, a raspberry cream, a raspberry confit and a gene bread cookie.
Madagascar vanilla mousse spaghetti tops this cake. A few birds, flowers, chocolate eggs for a decoration announcing spring!
A textured, fruity and tasty Easter nest, in the style of Christophe Roussel.

The Sheep: impossible to resist the charm of this little sheep by Christophe Roussel. The heart-shaped mouth (in the literal sense!), the plump belly, the playful eyes… simply delicious! It is made of Bahiana signature dark chocolate at 67%, Bahiana signature milk chocolate at 46%, banc chocolate and dulcey chocolate (with caramelized notes).

The Cow: designed by Christophe Roussel, this relaxed and smiling cow, with a round belly, (topped with chocolate chips) is made mostly with Bahiana signature dark chocolate at 67% and milk at 46% cocoa. What a beautiful posture with her 4 hooves in the air!

Chocolat Bat: so greedy, this little dog is waiting impatiently to discover the composition of his bowl!
Tongue out, paws spread, eyes wide open, he’s ready to feast. Signed Christophe Roussel, this piece is mainly made of Bahiana signature milk chocolate with 46% cocoa.

The Turkey: proud and adorned with its most beautiful feathers, this full turkey seems to be pensive or perhaps simply in the middle of digesting… Imagined by Christophe Roussel, it is composed mainly of Bahiana’s signature chocolate with 67% cocoa and colored white chocolate. It is placed on a base of Bahiana’s signature milk chocolate with 46% cocoa. Its belly is filled with chocolate chips. The red color is obtained thanks to natural coloring foodstuffs. No risk for the little ones!

The Fox: Master Fox, enticed by the smell, waits patiently for his food! A creation of Christophe Roussel mainly composed of white chocolate and blond dulcey chocolate with caramelized notes, for the amateurs of sweetness. The base is made of Bahiana’s signature 46% cocoa milk chocolate. The belly is filled with chocolate chips.

The Big Chocolate Eggs: the crunchy textures of small fresh praline eggs are hidden in XL and XXL eggs. The shells in milk chocolate or dark chocolate Grand Cru of Cuba-Sao Tomé origin are punctuated with chocolate zests to increase the chocolate pleasure. Roasted almonds and pecans, Iranian pistachios, Piedmont hazelnuts, Pierre Marcolini’s eggs feature the best pralines.

Little Rabbit in dark chocolate: A signature of the Pierre Marcolini House, this Little Hearted Rabbit is a mischievous Easter treat. He is dressed in a dark chocolate coat from Maison Grands Crus de Cuba-Sao Tomé.

Little Rabbit in white chocolate: hidden in a colorful box decorated with a daisy pop, this heart-shaped rabbit from Pierre Marcolini will seduce all the little gourmands. It is covered with a white chocolate coat, made in-house.

The Tree: this tree from the Jardin Nature collection by Lenôtre is made with a grand cru vegan chocolate, combining the sweetness and creaminess of almonds with the aromatic power of pure cocoa from Madagascar. Pistachio chips decorate the base of the tree, and it is garnished with vegan chocolate chips.

The robin: milk chocolate makes up the body of this robin from the Maison Lenôtre, the wings are made of milk chocolate, the throat is made of white chocolate and the legs are decorated with dark chocolate flakes. The subject is accompanied by a milk chocolate frying.

The Bee Lollipop: a milk chocolate lollipop filled with hazelnut praline and covered with a white chocolate pastille with a bee motif from Maison Lenôtre.

The Ladybug: the body of this ladybug from the Maison Lenôtre is made of dark chocolate, its wings are made of white chocolate and decorated with dark chocolate dots. The head in milk chocolate is highlighted with a white chocolate collar. It is accompanied by a milk chocolate frying.

The Hedgehog: this mischievous hedgehog from Maison Lenôtre is made of a milk chocolate half-egg sprinkled with nougatine chips, whose white chocolate belly is decorated with milk chocolate paws, hands and ears. The subject is accompanied by milk chocolate frying and milk chocolate hazelnut praline eggs.

The Butterfly: a half-egg in dark chocolate is hidden behind this butterfly from the Maison Lenôtre, whose body and antennae are made of milk chocolate and whose wings are made of white and dark chocolate. It is accompanied by a dark chocolate frying.

Easter Crew: no good captain without a good crew. On board, Nicolas Cloiseau, from the Maison du Chocolat, leads the Easter mission into a new dimension. With eyes wide open on planet Earth, his superheroes, noses to the window, probe the depths of our greed. Because Easter is made of molding and greed, each superhero is composed of a molded figurine, detailed, colored and decorated by hand, placed on a crunchy chocolate bite.
Pilot Peru: organic milk chocolate molding 39% pure Peru (milky and acidulous), milk bite 34% (with biscuity notes), caramelized pecan chips. Decorated with a yellow chocolate belt.
Agent Jamaïque: molding of dark chocolate 70% pure Jamaica (spicy fresh), milk chocolate bite 35% (with dried fruit notes), caramelized and grilled hazelnut chips. Flower and pink belt decoration in chocolate.
Captain Ecuador: 66% pure Ecuador dark chocolate molding (woody and floral), 55% pure Brazil dark chocolate bite (with notes of tangy yellow fruit), crêpe dentelle chips. Decorated with a green chocolate belt.

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UFO Egg: in search of a chocolate adventure that never ends, the chef of the Maison du Chocolat, Nicolas Cloiseau, does it again. With communicative energy, his reveries capture an alien universe straight out of the comic books. In its excessiveness, a black and luminous Unidentified Flying Egg (UFO) hovers around our most precious delicacy. Armed with sensors and a chocolate whirlpool, it tells the story of Easter, the taste and the rare terroirs of a chocolate that the whole solar system envies. Unique artistic piece, edited in 10 copies, all in dark chocolate 66% Ecuador and milk 39% Peru, entirely handmade. Giant egg, more than 7 kilos of chocolate, surrounded by a chocolate disc, decorated with 650 perforations and iodines, a whirlpool and guns, 2 characters in their cabin, all in chocolate, filled with 50 eggs (400g) praline milk & dark.

The Easter Nest: with his know-how, the chef Hugues Pouget, from Hugo & Victor, has created a very generous dessert. Made with chocolate Sacher cookie and hazelnut feuilletine praline, it conceals a creamy Belizean chocolate center and a Madagascar chocolate mousse with a hint of tonka bean. On top of this little gastronomic treasure is a chocolate hen with a selection of small eggs to share with the whole family.

Like a boiled egg: it is after a real goldsmith’s work of taste that this vanilla marshmallow egg, placed on a nest of caramelized dulcey chocolate straw, reveals in its heart a yolk made of Piedmont hazelnuts praline. A craft refinement that allows only a limited series of this delicate creation of the House of Hugo & Victor, available only in stores.

The Praline Nugget Egg: it is in a packaging of a regressive prettiness in the shape of a rabbit that the Praline Nugget Egg of the House of Hugo & Victor returns this year with all its gourmet richness. Its dark or milk chocolate shell, filled with small flaky praline eggs, is decorated with hazelnut chips for a pure intoxication of the senses.

The Egg Shell: find the beautiful originality of this box of hard-boiled eggs whose real shell is filled with a homemade praline with Italian hazelnuts. This tasty trompe-l’oeil to shell in family is made by the chef of the Hugo & Victor House.

The Frog: this year for Easter, Maison Fauchon celebrates chocolate in all its forms by offering you a frog in creamy milk chocolate 36% cocoa with notes of hazelnut; and in fruity dark chocolate 70% cocoa with subtle notes of candied red fruits.

L’Œuf Collection: let yourself be tempted by this creation imagined for Maison Ladurée, by Patrice Chapon, a great French chocolate maker, which is composed of a 48% cocoa Chuao milk chocolate and Saint-Malo milk.

The Easter Egg: created by Patrice Chapon for Ladurée, this egg is made of Chuao 48% cocoa chocolate, Saint-Malo milk and almond inclusions. It is garnished with delicious Ladurée chocolate chips.

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