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Futuristic Scandinavian design

Futuristic Scandinavian design


In Kiev, Ukraine, twin brothers Aleksandr and Vladimir Yudin, founders of Yudin Design Studio, create PRO Espresso, a sophisticated 70 m2 coffee bar, showcasing the professionalism of the art of coffee and their client’s commitment to provide superior espresso to tasters.

One of the main characteristics of the bar is the use of compact Modbar machines instead of the classic ones. Modbar is visually a compact press with a single piston and considered the ‘Tesla of espresso machines’ for its professionalism and functionality. The owners of PRO Espresso, located in Kiev, Ukraine, asked the designers of Yudin Design Studio to emphasize the progressive appliances and the skills of the barista, who is not hidden behind the machine but produces tasty masterpieces in front of the visitor’s eyes. The interior has no partitions or massive structures. On the contrary, the entire space is organized in such a way that, upon entering, the customers’ attention is drawn to the bar. The U-shaped counter includes a glass display case containing 1,300 coffee grounds shelves. The original tables, with a recess for bags also in a U, reflect the shape and design of the place. Tasked with creating the store’s brand identity, the studio decided to use the word PRO to confirm that the destination is for true coffee connoisseurs and that everything revolves around the drink. A dynamic pattern printed on the walls symbolizes the fast but efficient pace of the PRO team, while a soft but sophisticated color palette, coupled with panoramic windows, evokes a sense of confidence, calm and stability. Sleek shapes are found in every corner with unique details, such as circles embedded in the tables where real coffee beans are poured. The selected materials, natural oak, glass, metal and concrete, emphasize the natural and ecological element. The architectural firm went a step further by designing lamps for the space made of wooden planks.

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