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Bûches de Noël 2020: divine delights

Bûches de Noël 2020: divine delights

The highlight of the festive meal, this dessert becomes a true work of art thanks to the talent and the abundant imagination of pastry chefs and great chefs. Once again this year, they are offering delicious, exceptional bûches, available in stunning textures that will surely delight all pastry lovers!

Bûche Cracker: a limited-edition artistic piece by Nicolas Cloiseau, chef of La Maison du Chocolat, it has a taste for contrasts! At its heart, several huge hazelnuts, whole, roasted, caramelized, hidden under the puff pastry of an old-fashioned hazelnut praline, veiled in dark chocolate chiboust, find refuge in the sweetness of a creamy vanilla, soft and round, for a better rebound, on the soft biscuit, the runny hazelnut praline and the airy chocolate mousse. In the game of surprises, the bûche flatters our desires, a hazelnut chocolate refinement that promises to make a splash! 70% pure Ecuadorian dark chocolate mousse, old-fashioned hazelnut praline, hazelnut cocoa dacquoise, vanilla cream infusion of bourbon pods from Madagascar, black chiboust cream from Ecuador, soft biscuit with whole Piedmont hazelnuts. Cover with hazelnut chips. Covered with a satin dark chocolate cracker-shaped shell, decorated with 280 perforations and a star with ivory and milk chocolate stars.

Bûche Pop music: the musical creation of those years was exceptional. An atmosphere of energetic and cheerful music, dancing and light, which gave birth to this attractive bûche signed Jean-Paul Hévin. A flourless chocolate cookie with a creamy cardamom, accompanied by a 63% Grand Cru Chanchamayo chocolate mousse and a pistachio gianduja are the secret of seduction.

Bûche Victor: op art that happily disturbs the eye, squares and circles creating optical illusions, inspired Jean-Paul Hévin for this very architectural bûche with a taste as original as the style to which it pays homage. An almond and chocolate biscuit, accompanied by a mango-lemon-basil crème brûlée, wrapped in an Ecuadorian Grand Cru chocolate mousse.

Bûche Pop car: a poster with very strong pop graphics, a car with headlights as targets, the inspiration for the travel bûche was all found. An exclusive recipe that allows this dispatchable bûche by Jean-Paul Hévin to accompany you everywhere. Crispy shortbread, Peruvian Grand Cru dark chocolate mousse, dark chocolate ganache punched with passion fruit, extra bitter dark chocolate cookie and let’s go!

Bûche Elegance: for the signature creation of the Hugo & Victor house, chef Hugues Pouget and Frédéric Mairesse, Managing Director of Champagne Barons de Rothschild, have worked with passion to find the perfect match between the sparkling rosé cuvée and the delicate combination grapefruit and lychee. Genoa bread biscuit with Corsican grapefruit zest, crumble and almond sticks, confit and grapefruit cream, compote and lychee mousse.

Bûche Glacée Citron-Verveine: on an almond dacquoise, the fresh verbena sorbet goes perfectly with mediterranean lemon sorbet, crunchy meringue and dried verbena leaves. Hugo & Victor can be proud of the cultivation of verbena directly from its garden in the Loiret.

Bûche Praline-Clementine: for his praline bûche , the chef had fun with Kawa powder, a spicy blend of Roellinger spices made from cinnamon, ginger, pepper and cardamom. Hazelnut dacquoise with Kawa spices from Roellinger, feuilletine, creamy and praline with Piedmont hazelnuts, whipped cream with clementine zest from Corsica, praline mousse with Kawa spices.

Bûche Combawa: citrus from the heart of Hugues Pouget, combawa has been a unique ally of the chef since the creation of the house. This year, he pays homage to him through a crisp and tangy bûche . Genoa bread biscuit with combawa zest, crispy yuzu crumble, pineapple compote, confit and kalamansi-combawa cream, combawa cheese-cake mousse, whipped cream with combawa zest.

Bûche Envelope: the emblematic Hugo & Victor Envelope bûche consists of a light 72% Venezuelan chocolate mousse, a 75% Belize chocolate cream and a creamy 40% Ghana milk chocolate mousse infused with vanilla from Madagascar. A gourmet alliance delicately placed on a chocolate biscuit with roasted hazelnut pieces. A tasty Piedmont hazelnut praline, the house’s signature.

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Bûche Couronne Prestige: for his signature 2020 creation, Pierre Marcolini, 1995 world pastry champion, was inspired by the Christmas wreath to make it the ultimate chocolate bûche. For its flavors, he chose to revisit his signature cake, the Oviedo. Under a veil of cocoa and irresistible Christmas balls, we find all the quintessence of grand cru chocolate with milk chocolate sabayon, a vanilla crème brûlée insert and a crunch of caramelized hazelnuts.

Bûche Grand Cru de Chocolat: imagined by Pierre Marcolini, this delicacy is composed of a light chocolate mousse, accompanied by an orange crème brûlée on a crunchy hazelnut.

Bûche Café: this creation by Pierre Marcolini is composed of a low-sugar coffee buttercream, flavored with coffee, a sponge cake and almond nougatine.

Bûche Coconut & Mango: this dessert signed Pierre Marcolini is composed of a coconut bavarois and a mango and lime insert, accompanied by a coconut dacquoise biscuit on a crunchy strawberry and raspberry.

Bûche Anaya: created by pastry chef Adrien Bocquet for the 3A Hôtels La Collection group, this dessert will delight the most gourmets with its chocolate, praline and hazelnut flavors.

Bûche Anjuna: signed by Adrien Bocquet, pastry chef at Hotel Aston La Scala for the 3A Hôtels La Collection group, this delicacy will invite you to travel with its flavors of coconut, caramel and passion fruit.

Bûche Pure Chocolate, intense: here, the black gold of the Alain Ducasse chocolate factory is available in a multitude of textures. When cutting, we discover a base of very crispy praline cocoa nibs and fleur de sel, on which rests a soft cookie made without flour and topped with an Alain Ducasse chocolate caramel from Peru. A cocoa gel magnifies this sweet bitterness and the whole is covered with a coat of chocolate mousse, glazed and sprinkled with pieces of chocolate nibs from Peru. A powerful and intense creation signed Cédric Grolet for Le Meurice.

Bûche Pure Miel, the unique one: this creation by Cédric Grolet for Le Meurice surprises with its aesthetic and daring! An airy foam delicately sprinkled with pollen conceals a crunchy honey and pollen, a dacquoise and a meringue topped with forest honey. A lemon gel with sweet lavender nectar brings a bit of lamb’s lettuce thanks to the lemon supremes and confits that compose it. A pollen gel with powerful and primitive flavors completes this elegant and resolutely original dessert.

Bûche Pure Coco, the sweet: created by Cédric Grolet for Le Meurice, this version is more airy and exotic. The very crunchy roasted coconut praline contrasts with the soft dacquoise based on meringue and coconut powder. It is topped with a lemon gel with pepper from the tops. A flowing coconut praline as well as a gel composed of fresh coconut flesh enhance the whole. A mascarpone-roasted coconut mousse covers the bûche, which is then iced with coconut milk and sprinkled with grated coconut. A delicacy of lightness, more than appreciated to conclude a festive dinner!

La Couronne: on the occasion of his 25th birthday, Pascal Lac has imagined a Christmas wreath with a crunchy and creamy texture, composed of a crispy biscuit with praline puffed rice, a dark chocolate mousse from Peru 63%, a meringue and a gianduja cream. A real treat that awakens the 5 senses (and especially for the taste buds).

Bûche Andoa: let yourself be tempted by this chocolate creation from Maison Lac. A crispy praline shortbread is placed on a soft dacquoise with almonds and hazelnuts, the whole sublimated by a dark chocolate mousse from Peru 70%.

Bûche Bo Nuage: this dessert is one of the new creations of Maison Lac. Very light, it consists of a Japanese soufflé, a coconut crunch, a Madagascan vanilla mousse with a heart of blueberries.

Bûche Perle: celebrate Christmas with a refined and gourmet pastry to match this great moment imagined by Maison Lac. The delicacy of vanilla combined with the sweetness of the strawberry/raspberry coulis rests on a spoon cookie and a vanilla mousse from Madagascar.

Bûche Craquelin: a great classic from Maison Lac. How to spend Christmas without a bûche Craquelin? It is garnished with a delicious 66% Caribbean pure dark chocolate mousse with an assertive chocolate character, combined with crispy almond-hazelnut praline and lace crêpe placed on a soft chocolate cookie.

Bûche Désir: for the holiday meal, treat yourself to this gourmet chocolate signed Pascal Lac which will seduce you with its soft hazelnut biscuit associated with crispy praline, its ganache and 40% milk chocolate whipped cream. A crunchy chocolate shell crowns this appetizing Christmas cake.

Bûche Marron: to cap a festive meal with a fine and delicious Christmas cake, discover this great classic from Maison Lac: the chestnut bûche. This refined combination of chestnut cream, whipped cream and chestnut pieces will make you rediscover the rich and intense taste of chestnut.

Bûche Forêt Noire: Maison Lac’s black forest consists of a soft flourless chocolate biscuit, a sour cherry confit combined with the sweetness of Madagascan vanilla whipped cream, all enhanced by a chocolate mousse. 64% Madagascar dark chocolate with tangy sour cherry notes.

Raspberry vacherin: end your Christmas meal on a touch of freshness with this dessert made with Madagascar vanilla ice cream, raspberry sorbet and meringue.

Le Sapin Praliné: discover this creation for the end of the year celebrations. A 66% Caribbean dark chocolate tree, filled with almond-hazelnut praline and caramelized almonds, a bomb of delicacies accompanied by a sleigh topped with rock, beggar and pearls.

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