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Doorpaper, the revolution in the doors world

Doorpaper, the revolution in the doors world

These wallpapers collections aim to revolutionize the doors world. Highly innovative, they transform the door from a functional item into a real decorative and appealing element for any environment.

These collections are easy-to-apply and suitable for any environment such as house, office, shop etc. Doorpaper is the great solution to renovate old doors or to give a touch of design to any room or public space, following simple guidelines and precautions recommended by Instabilelab. They provide a great result on smooth surfaces as laminated, lacquered, painted wood surfaces. The finish is opaque and texturized (28% non-woven fabric, 72% PVC) and it can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. Instabilelab projects arise from the wish to create the most original environments, different, exclusive with a great visual impact.

Artistica 01: wallpaper inspired by contemporary art and its languages.

Bollè: soft and blurred atmospheres with bubbles with sheer effect as the main element.

Kiss: an elegant and sinuous kiss promise.

Visi: a female glaze.

Ghutt: letters pop up.

Color Line: colorful, from the brightest shades to the softest and most elegant ones.

Zebrano: ironic motif of an umbrella on a grey-black striped background.

Merlò: elegant and refined lace.

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