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Odosdesign, aesthetics from A to Z

Odosdesign, aesthetics from A to Z


The multidisciplinary trio, which has collected global awards since 2003, received the famous Red Dot Award for their contribution to the world of design and communication. With this recognition, the spanish agency Odosdesign consolidates its status in the design of products and visual strategies.

After their meeting on the benches of the University of Valencia, in Spain, during industrial design, Ana Segovia, Maria Mengual and Luis Calabuig decide, in 2005, to establish their multidisciplinary agency, which would be in charge of all the needs relating to a work. Indeed, at Odosdesign, we follow a product from its formal design to the corresponding videos and web pages, including its graphic conceptualization, its artistic direction and its brand image. The process of creating the firm, although it is a team effort, begins with personal reflections on the subject in question. After developing their own ideas, the associates debate and discuss the proposals to find the best option.

When it comes to the generation of products, a fusion of the traditional and the new is always apparent, as well as an experimental approach to materials and techniques. This translates perfectly with Ensombra, famous parasol by Gandiablasco. With oriental inspirations, the ingenious and minimal design allows a reinterpretation of the women’s fan system, especially at the level of opening and closing. Created for terraces and gardens, this object makes the outdoor space lively and almost picturesque, with its vivid colors and repetition of simple modules. The group of designers translates a great diversity with different passions and know-how for each one, but nevertheless embodies an almost exemplary homogeneity at the level of the final goal and the common vision. Odosdesign’s working horizons remain very divided, products ranging from tableware to furniture and lighting, artistic directions to tell stories and generate visual identities and editorial design to implement the catalogs of the biggest brands.

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According to the proliferating trio, being able to create an element helps in the development and transmission of communication strategies specific to this book. So it would be natural for them to be fully responsible for their product. On the other hand, one of their best furniture collaborations remains with Mobenia. Together, they set up a showcase inspired by the architecture of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, especially in his beginnings with the glass and steel towers, and particularly by the apartments on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, of which it holds the last name. Imitating the same characteristics of the architectural work, the showcase creates a very bright interior and is held on very thin piles. Still with the same manufacturer, Odosdesign imagines a contemporary version of the very traditional headboards, with Amets and Mies, which add a pleasant detail to the bedroom. Flexibility and versatility remain inseparable from their compositions. For the barcelona brand Arlex, the studio composes a collection of cabinets, presenting a lot of possibilities and versatility, as well as Moon, a small round table with multiple uses, among others. In addition, the firm created its respective stands at the Milan furniture fair.

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