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Baldessari e Baldessari, unbridled creativity

Baldessari e Baldessari, unbridled creativity

The Baldessari e Baldessari studio is a professional guild, active in the field of architecture, industry, design and decoration. Its international fame grew thanks to its furniture in the form of sculptures.

The italian architecture and design agency Baldessari e Baldessari is made up of Paolo and Michela Baldessari. This sibling group, in which talents are harmoniously combined, cooperates with working groups and a dense network of external advisers, takes care of the organization of exhibitions in Italy and abroad and collaborates there, develops researches and participates in competitions. For its ongoing activities, it has numerous public and private projects in the residential, industrial and office sectors, as well as restoration works of historic palaces and interior design projects. It also contributes with companies in the design sector, such as Riva 1920, Pallucco Italia, ICF, Adele-C, CC-Tapis, Twils, De Castelli, Atipico, Starpool, Luce di Carrara, Lagoon, Modo Luce, Karman and Pieces of Venice.

The company received prizes, notably that of the Alcan for the use of aluminum in architecture, in 1991, as well as merits in various competitions, such as An italian chair for the United States, in 1984, and the international Trau for the design of a workstation. In 2007, it won first place in Sun Rimini, a competition for new furnishing experiments, and holds the Pida Award 2013, in the hotel design section, as well as the Pida Award 2014 for Pida Friends. In 2015, it won the first One more pack prize for creative packaging design and that of Italy communicates with packaging. The hallmark of the duo is to design objects as beautiful as works of art. So, here is Band, a collection of coffee tables in three different shades of metal, designed by the Baldessari studio for the Italian brand De Castelli. Despite their heavy material, they have a very airy appearance, reflecting the art of metalwork involved in their production. The circular planes associated with the slender bases give an impression of lightness. The beautiful appearance of the coins is enhanced by the use of fine materials, such as iron, copper and brass.

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In addition, with simplicity and efficiency, the designers created the Molletta bench for the Riva 1920 furniture distributor. A simple lying clothespin, a giant version in cedar, becomes a real sculpture, perfect for both indoors and outdoors. The duo also created an eccentric collection of glass and marble tables for the Italian brand Luce di Carrara, presented at the Fuorisalone 2015 exhibition. Those of the Filo collection feature a grandiose architectural marble base, on which is placed a glass top. These creative pieces of furniture can be used as a coffee or center table in a modern living room. The Filo range also includes cedar wood benches, metal tables, soft fabric poufs and aluminum lamps… With such inventive designs, the Baldessari have succeeded in setting a contemporary benchmark for sculptural furniture.

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