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Spacious privacy in Miami

Spacious privacy in Miami


Creating a masterpiece of elegance in Miami, United States, where all construction must meet hurricane code requirements, is no easy task. Yet it is such a playful pleasure that SAOTA has approached this project, ultimately creating a unique residence with the aspects of a luxury yacht.

Sitting on the southern tip of Di Lido, Miami, the house overlooks the surrounding islands, downtown Miami and South Beach. Betting on the triangular shape of its land, SAOTA has designed it to recall luxury boats, thereby personifying the jet-set character of Biscayne Bay. The entrance, from the Venetian Causeway, is distinguished by lush greenery and a series of plans brought together by a curved frosted glass screen. Inside, the volumes overlap to create a canyon effect, framing the perspective on the bay. Animating this open space, a succession of bronze screens. Suspended from the ceiling, they create a double-height dining room and separate the family kitchen from the adjacent reception area. There converge living rooms of different sizes, semi-open to the water of the sea or that which winds through the rooms: from the pond at the threshold, to the study’s reflection basin, to arrive at the swimming pool exterior. The first floor, nestled under a pre-oxidized copper roof evocative of the Italian style of the early 20th century, houses the en-suite bedrooms, but also a terrace with, on the program, a bar, a brazier and a jacuzzi from which, to at nightfall, the entire Miami is revealed, shining with its thousand lights.




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