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The collaboration between Ippolito Fleitz Group and CIFI continues for this real estate sales center in Chongqing, China. The concept, in harmony with nature, the arts and the refined sophistication that the millennial generation loves, highlights the lifestyle advocated by the company.

CIFI’s customers? The Chinese generation Y, affluent, trendy, but eager to recharge their batteries between flora and fauna, in an artistically Zen environment. Rather than locating its offices in the noisy metropolis of Chongqing, the company decides to settle at the edge of the city, in a wooded and mountainous region which reflects the setting of the mansions it promises. Designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group, the building meets the needs, desires and expectations of buyers and, made entirely of floor-to-ceiling windows, it looks like an art gallery. Its transparency is dual; on the one hand, it presents the visitor the approaching preview of the exhibitions that await it, and on the other hand, allows the client who walks around his rooms to stay in dialogue with the surrounding nature. Inside, various furniture and pieces of art continue the game: their shapes, structures and surfaces imitating those of their rocky forest environment. Here and there are added playful presentations highlighting the proposed properties. Subtle, they distill information in a relaxed and intuitive way to better discover, both, a new architecture and a desired way of life. All of this makes this CIFI district an attraction that will last beyond its present functionality, to transform, one day, into a restaurant, if not into an exclusive club.


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