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When towers turn around in New York

When towers turn around in New York

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The American design office Gabellini Sheppard Associates imagined an architectural feat in the district of West Chelsea, in New York. The XI, or The Eleventh, is a set of two unique towers which, performing a half-twist, offer a breathtaking view and an unrivaled lifestyle.

At 76, 11th Avenue, The Eleventh (or XI) is a new project in New York, located in West Chelsea, between the High Line and the Hudson River. Designed by Gabellini Sheppard Associates studio, under the direction of Bjarke Ingels, Thomas Christoffersen and Beat Schenk, it occupies 83,000 m2 and covers a full block, from 17th Street to 18th, and from 10th to 11th Avenue. It is made up of two twisted towers, one west of 34 floors, and another, 25 floors, both located on a podium 18 to 25 meters high. The west tower is dedicated to residences and their equipment. As for the east, it consists of a combination of hotels and residential units: a hotel occupies the lower half and the dwellings are on the upper floors. The exceptional twisted geometry of the two structures allows them to move away from each other and from neighboring buildings to maximize urban space and views. As they rise, they transform and reorient themselves to take advantage of the best views of the Hudson River and the city. The twist at their angles reduces the overall size of the buildings and creates additional separation between them. The design of the facade is inspired by the perforated windows of historic warehouses in West Chelsea neighborhoods.


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