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ETRO HOME opens in Lebanon the biggest boutique in the world!

ETRO HOME opens in Lebanon the biggest boutique in the world!


Italy’s most iconic furniture brand has just arrived in Lebanon. A natural continuation of ETRO fashion, sharing the same style and values, the ETRO HOME Interiors collection embodies a perfect combination of classic references, experimental elements and contemporary design. Braving all difficulties and hazards, the biggest ETRO HOME Boutique in the world is finally in Beirut thanks to AD Home Collection.

In its showroom located in the heart of downtown Beirut, in one of the most dynamic districts reserved for fashion and design, AD Home Collection proudly presents the ETRO HOME Interiors brand today. The decision to open this space in Lebanon, despite the difficult situation prevailing there, shows the determination of the company to believe in and invest in the country. ETRO is an Italian ready-to-wear company, founded in 1968. It has remained in the family, and the children of the founder are the directors. It owns a line of clothing for men, another for women, in addition to accessories, perfumes and other products. The company is known for its use of the cashmere or “paisley pattern”. ETRO HOME Interiors is currently the embodiment of a “new tradition”, the sum of craftsmanship and creative experimentation. The design and layout of the gallery where the brand is exhibited take the visitor on a unique journey through the latest collections, weaving a living experience that evokes a sense of quality, splendor and sophistication. While admiring this assortment of home accessories, perfumes, furniture and wallpapers, the visitor will be fascinated by the magic and the mysteries of an atmosphere recreated for the Middle East, a unique reinterpretation of the heritage of Maison ETRO. Within the showroom, a specialized team of interior architects and highly trained professionals help clients turn the concept of their dream home into reality. Indeed, the collections include many types of objects and a selection of furniture that harmonize with each room and each style. With ETRO HOME Interiors, AD Home Collection achieves the highest standards of luxury, this alliance of high-end art and quality of Italian furniture, which allows delivering sumptuous and exclusive pieces for the home.

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