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YooYuumi Kids Club

YooYuumi Kids Club

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In the city of Beijing, China, the architecture office X+Living has designed an original dining space, under the name of YooYuumi Kids Club, in which parents and their children can relax, eat and have a good moments together.

Different from the traditional parent-child space such as a playground, this restaurant is a privileged place where families can find themselves in a unique and warm atmosphere. It is with this in mind that the YooYuumi Kids Club was imagined in the city of Beijing, in China. Designed by Chinese architecture studio X+Living, under the direction of architect Li Xiang, and in collaboration with project managers Fan Chen and Zhang Wenji, it covers 1,000 m2. Its extraordinary furnishings are tailor-made by the designers of XiangCASA, to form an elegant set endowed with comfortable chairs, coffee tables and sofas. A large wardrobe in exquisite style is provided for the storage of shoes, as required by the Asian ritual. The distribution of tables and chairs imitates that of a banquet hall, so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful view of the landscape. Pure white provides the light base for the space, while the floral and plant motif, subtly placed on different objects, brings the touch of color that brings out the warmth and spirit of the place. Here, the charm of China and that of the West meet for a new aesthetic.



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