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A new first-class address is now available to those seeking luxury and comfort. In London’s Fitzrovia, on Cleveland Street, is the captivating 101 project by the renowned Bergman & Mar.

The two-building residential complex is a joint venture between several real estate companies, including the famous Dukelease Properties. It has 88 modern apartments and reserves 3,252 m2 for commercial space. It is in the particularly eclectic Fitzrovia neighborhood that the English architectural firm Bergman & Mar chose to bring its design to life. Carefully designed to create a kind of symbiosis with this characterful neighborhood, the building can’t help but be attractive with its elegant, dark brick facade, inspired by nearby historic buildings. The interior is equally fascinating. Drawing its style from revered New York lofts, the three-bedroom apartment blends rich textures and custom finishes in response to the sensational ambiance of the neighborhood. The architects focus on interaction, the focal point being a curved sofa in the living room, whose shape contrasts sharply with the angular structure of the accompanying Dal Vera chair. The home is pleasantly open-plan with a contemporary kitchen, featuring a charcoal gray stone countertop and marble countertops. Nearby is the dining room, which comfortably seats eight. In a nod to the owners’ evolving lifestyle, the home office, which overlooks a large balcony, is a true gem. It’s where functionality meets tranquility, with the space featuring a beautiful leather recliner, which should be a staple of any home office for moments of reflection. This home is for a collector with an appreciation for art, including Morag Caister, whose Hear You Through A Lake is in the hallway and Ceramic Atmosphere takes pride of place in the master bedroom, complemented by a mix of vintage paintings throughout the home. Ensuring ease and wellness, 101-Cleveland features a range of amenities: fine dining rooms, a lounge and a sumptuous bar, as well as a fully equipped gym and sauna to clear the air after a hard day’s work. And there’s no need to worry about entertaining guests: the project includes a screening room and a beautiful garden for a quiet retreat.

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