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When work rhymes with art

When work rhymes with art

Unova co-working space - X+Living image

In Shenzhen, China, the design studio X+Living imagined Unova co-working space, a workspace intended for multiple offices and companies that can coexist serenely. Its objective: to combine aesthetics with conviviality, so as to give full meaning to the concept of joint work.

On 8,800 m2, the Chinese architectural firm X+Living designed the project for a joint workplace, located in Shenzhen, China. The objective was to create a space capable of accommodating several companies and giving full place to the individuality of the employees. Thus, the chief designer, Li Xiang, wanted to integrate an artistic aesthetic and interesting spectacular effects in the four-story building, while differentiating the tone and style of each level according to its functions. The lobby is made up of an atrium that cuts across the entire building, and as the escalator goes up and down each floor, visitors can enjoy a different visual experience. Carpets placed in the reception area echo the paintings on the walls and make it comfortable and attractive. If the conference room is characterized by a minimalist design, the rest rooms are decorated with warm colors and equipped with soft seats and cushions. As for the offices themselves, they have a calm atmosphere, thanks to the use of wood veneers and a coating of gray-brown concrete. Finally, the swimming pool and the fitness area constantly remind employees to pay attention to their physical health after work.


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