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Full view of Sydney Harbor

Full view of Sydney Harbor


The instructions for this house in Sydney, Australia, could be summed up in two words: modernity and daring. To do this, the architectural house SAOTA has joined forces with TKD Architects and Alexandra Kidd Design, for a home where the smallest details are thought out in harmony.

A detailed concept, signed SAOTA, a meticulous execution in the field, led by TKD Architects and a judicious eye brought to interior design by Alexandra Kidd Design. These are the key elements that make this Mosman Slope home, in Sydney, a success. Its position between land and sea is fully optimized to create generously sized rooms with blue panoramas. On the hillside, the main living area nestles in the basement of the street, for an intimate atmosphere. To the west, it stretches out over a secluded rock garden. To the east, it opens onto the magnificent views of the harbor. This duality is apparent on the facades of the house, brazenly sculpted on the sea side, discreetly Zen on the street side. This is where visitors enter, finding themselves, as soon as they step through the door, in a world that plays with their senses, in an interior that breathes the exterior, facing a dramatic view of the port, its boats and its waves. At their feet, a bridge that spans the garden on the lower level. This is an interior architecture that has created a daring but sophisticated style. The decoration, through its materials and colors, enhances the refined atmosphere and the connection with the environment: electric oceanic blues, rocky sandstone coverings, woods and sunny bronzes. Everything here is in the image of Sydney, a modern capital where nature prevails again and again.

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