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Enchanted refuge in California

Enchanted refuge in California


Located in the central valley of California at the base of a tall verdant hill, this family retreat is nestled amid the pastures of a thriving farm. Both comfortable and elegant, rustic and futuristic, it is brilliantly signed by the american studio Feldman Architecture.

In California, east of rolling hills along the San Andreas fault, San Francisco based design studio Feldman Architecture, led by Jonathan Feldman, took charge of building a villa designed for serenity and relaxation in the countryside. Three dry stone walls, long and low, drawn in an arc of a circle, gently anchor the interior and exterior spaces on the site. At the request of the owner, private suites and rooms are furnished, offering accommodation options for the guests, children and grandchildren. As for the integrated spaces of the living rooms and the kitchen, their mission is to form meeting places for all. To achieve this result, both warm and aesthetic, the designers adopt a palette of raw and refined textures, including wood, glass, steel and stone. The house has cutting-edge technical performance, thanks to the passive heating and cooling system, alternative energy, sustainably collected materials and drought-resistant landscaping, signed by landscape architect Bernard Trainor. The solar orientation optimizes light and heat, to make this place a true haven of well-being.

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