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Books over the clouds

Books over the clouds

Sculptural library in Shanghai image

Mandated by Shanghai Century Publishing Co. Ltd to design its new Duoyun Books flagship store, at the heart of the most visited monument in Shanghai, the architectural firm Wutopia Lab signs a sleek masterpiece with spectacular dimensions. A double architectural and aesthetic performance.

Literally above the clouds, on the 52nd floor of the Shanghai Tower, the tallest skyscraper in the city, the last flagship store Duoyun Books is under the care of the agency Wutopia Lab. Perched at an altitude of 239 meters, the multipurpose space consists of a complex which includes, in addition to the bookstore, a reading room, an exhibition area, a café, a 52-meter bar, a restaurant, as well as a garden on the roof. Spread over 2,200 m2, this emblematic cultural landmark showcases an open, immaculate and minimalist concept, which benefits, day and night, from a breathtaking panoramic view, but also from exceptional natural light, thanks to its XXL bay windows. During the works, the designers were inspired by the mountains, creating wide arched entrances and translucent shelves stacked in layers, where more than 60,000 books and 2,000 reading-related products are displayed. A round shelf is used to synthesize a dark study room. The circles are connected to each other and extend outward, each of them being independent. Knowing that each of the small areas has its own color giving it a very distinct atmosphere. This is a place of life that offers a unique experience constantly renewed, combining the pleasure of the eye with that of reading.


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