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A chameleon factory in Taiwan

A chameleon factory in Taiwan

It is in the coastal city of Su’ao, Taiwan, that biotech company TSC Anyong founded this very environmentally friendly factory. Functioning in symbiosis with its environment, it is the result of a collaboration with the architectural firm CYS.ASDO.

Known for its seafood, Su’ao in Taiwan is now home to the TSC Anyong factory. Spanning 15,000 m2, this masterpiece was intended to play on the interaction of the manufacture with its environment and its customers. The architects of CYS.ASDO, creators of the building, then think of a changing shell. To do this, they use metal panels available in three shades of green, which they punch with holes of different sizes. These screens are arranged around the central part of the construction, in a series of diamonds. Slightly tilted inward, they overlap and create a chameleon envelope, which changes color and expression with the seasons and the weather. Inside, two floors are devoted to the manufacture of marine products. The rest of the space is diverted into a market and restaurants, which sell the company’s merchandise and dishes made from those same ingredients. On the third floor, a greenhouse recycles production waste into vegetables. Solar panels and rainwater collection, integrated into each other, and a glass roof providing plenty of natural light complete the set. Thus, the customer, during his visit, interacts both with the external environment, production and the concept of a self-sufficient plant in energy, water and food.

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