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A house with an ocean view in Vietnam

A house with an ocean view in Vietnam

A house with an ocean view in Vietnam image

In Vietnam, on land bordered by the China Sea, the architectural agency MM++ has designed a dream resort, an ode to nature and well-being. A remarkable and meticulous work, where technical prowess marvelously combines with beautiful volumes.

Welcome to Eden… Sun, turquoise sea, azure sky and idyllic setting. Nothing is missing on the board. Built in Nha Trang, a famous seaside town located southwest of the Vietnamese coast, often referred to as the Riviera of the South China Sea, this pleasure villa enjoys a very privileged location. Digged into the hillside, the 500 m² site enjoys breathtaking views of the ocean, overlooking the bay with the mountains in the background. An asset that the designers of the agency MM++, very early on, sought to optimize by betting on the simplicity of the lines of the building, the use of raw and natural materials, as well as the adoption of innovative solutions inside. Accessible from a back street, the house, spread over two levels, seduces with its clean volumes and neat lines. Above all, it impresses with its roughly carved stone facade, in reference to the rocky environment, daringly combining functionality and design. Preserving the privacy of the masters of the place while safeguarding the alchemy between nature and habitat, the living environments are cleverly oriented towards the ocean, to allow residents to take full advantage of the sumptuous panorama. Bright, the interior, modular thanks to a playful system set up, reflects a refined aesthetic, which makes it the ideal place to rest and unwind.



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