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Vendôme Liseré novelties by Boucheron

Vendôme Liseré novelties by Boucheron


The Vendôme Liseré designs reflect the architectural codes the Maison holds so dearly, in particular the octagonal shape of the Place Vendôme viewed from above. An edging of black lacquer has become the signature code for this collection that until this point has been made almost entirely from diamonds. Now the lacquer borders a tourmaline, a morganite and an aquamarine in pastel hues.

For spring, the season of renewal that we look forward to with such excitement, Boucheron is celebrating color and optimism with its Spring Colors campaign. As an invitation to celebrate the pleasure of the moment, the Maison has designed buzzers in the same colors as the stones which burn so brightly in this year’s Liseré collection.
And the challenge? To answer an entirely Boucheron-related quiz, in keeping with the playful spirit of the new spring season.

The iconic Vendôme Liseré solitaire now comes in the form of fine jewelry. At its center is a fabulous emerald-cut stone set with round diamonds, mounted on a diamond-pavé white gold ring. An octagonal design edged with black lacquer, echoing the Place Vendôme as seen from the sky and Boucheron’s signature graphics.

Inspired by the shape of Place Vendôme, the beating heart of the Maison, this beautiful necklace is a style statement. Its forty-two Art Deco-inspired motifs echo Boucheron’s emblematic edging and its emerald-cut diamond. Graphic elegance and Parisian spirit – the very essence of the Maison Boucheron.

A little piece of Paris to wrap around your wrist. Here, the edging motif, an octagonal design inspired by the Place Vendôme, is framed in black lacquer. At the heart of each of these white gold motifs is an emerald-cut diamond highlighted by round diamonds. The style of the Maison Boucheron has certainly found its expression in this Art Deco bracelet.

Express your style with the new color versions of Boucheron’s signature code, the Vendôme Liseré motif. With an emerald-cut aquamarine or morganite and round diamonds, this pendant has character and will complement any look.

The Vendôme Liseré solitaire combines the splendor of an emerald-cut stone set with round diamonds with the boldness of color. This emblematic Boucheron piece is available in different versions: sparkling pink morganite, dazzling blue aquamarine or stunning green tourmaline.

Style tips
Sparkling with tourmaline green, aquamarine blue, and morganite pink, the iconic Liseré collection is as radiant as the Parisian woman. Strong pieces in acidic hues which pair equally well with haute couture, an elegant “smoking” for example, as with a simple black top, an A-line skirt and some eye-catching accessories.

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