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Spring 2021 trends: Boucheron’s Nature Novelties

Spring 2021 trends: Boucheron’s Nature Novelties

142 years ago, as they were playing, mesmerized, with a peacock feather, Frédéric Boucheron and his foreman got the idea to create a necklace that would be free, aerial and supple, mimicking the delicate beauty of the feather – a symbol of life and lightness. The motif, chiseled in supple strands, as if brought to life through the movements of the women wearing it, has never ceased to nourish the creativity and the savoir-faire of Boucheron.

The feather, larger than life, keeps inspiring the boldest fantasies. This spring, it trembles in white gold and diamonds, while daring new esthetics, lightning the format of the pendants and earrings for a highly contemporary look. Just like Fuzzy, a dream feline who this season comes into a pendant and an ear stud shape, his fur in rose gold, his eyes of emerald green. Peacock feather or adorable leopard-cat, to each woman their own signature style. Strength or delight, softness or power, every woman shall invent her own way to wear these jewels and reveal her uniqueness.

Plume de Paon medium pendant: absolute icon of Maison Boucheron, that has chosen it to create the mythical Question Mark necklace, the peacock feather expresses its taste for freedom with a medium 45cm long pendant. Suspended to a finely chiseled white gold chain, the prodigiously flexible lively feather lays on the skin a breeze of white gold paved with diamonds, ending with a rose-cut diamond.

Plume de Paon medium pendant earrings: these white gold peacock feathers paved with diamonds shiver with the movements of the one wearing them. In a smaller size this season these ear pendants, chiseled in extraordinary supple strands, surround a rose-cut diamond with lightness and virtuosity. As free as a breeze.

Fuzzy the leopard-cat pendant: inspired by the Bengalese leopard, Fuzzy evokes the independence of the feline as well as the boldness of the Boucheron craftspeople. His ears raised, his fur in rose gold spotted with white and champagne diamonds, this muzzle with eyes of emerald green circled with black lacquer speaks of strength and softness. Tamed as a pendant on a thin rose gold chain, this jewelry sculpture is to be worn as an endearing totem.

Fuzzy the leopard-cat stud earrings: rose gold coat paved with white and champagne diamonds, eyes of emerald-green, muzzle spotted with black lacquer, Fuzzy the leopard-cat turns into ear studs this season. This cat, a dream feline come true in the Boucheron workshops, keeps an eye on the style and guards the look.

Plume de Paon set: flowing and light, these peacock feathers fit every movement closely and allow themselves the same freedom it would take to turn a simple cashmere jumper into a turban. Our piece of style advice? White gold and diamonds love all shades of blue: lavender, mauve, sky, or even with washed jeans for a contemporary and casual look.

Fuzzy the leopard-cat pendant: here is a feline pendant that knows how to combine softness and strength, audacity and delicateness. If it perfectly adorns an improvised neckline in the back with a thin wool cardigan, buttoned in the back, it also knows how to highlight the low-cut neckline of an impeccable blazer, or enhance a trendy top mixed with a basic pair of black jeans.

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