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Nudo Milky: a new star joins the Nudo galaxy of gemstones from Pomellato

Nudo Milky: a new star joins the Nudo galaxy of gemstones from Pomellato


This Spring Pomellato brings a chic all-white look to the iconic Nudo with the arrival of the Milky Quartz gemstone. Its neutral tones make it easy to wear on its own for effortless glamour or as a stylish addition to an existing ring stack or jewellery look.

Pomellato’s designers are ever on a search to reveal the unexpected beauty of gemstones and over the past two decades the Nudo has offered a rainbow array of 35 different colour gemstones. In its 20th year, Nudo continues to add intriguing new arrivals to the family. Today, Nudo, breaks the rules again with an ethereal, milky white stone with an alluring translucency.

The Milky Quartz comes to life thanks to the Nudo cut, a technique patented by Pomellato. The cut is an adaptation of a cabochon with 57 irregular facets hand-carved into its surface. The smooth edges of this cut showcase the delicate and subtle beauty of this creamy stone with its intriguing luminosity. The minimalist lines of the Nudo are shown to their best advantage in this unconventional choice of gem.

The collection is made up of Classic and Petit size rings, and a pendant and earrings in brand new designs that will add a touch of Milanese glamour to every day. The Milky Quartz fits seamlessly into its setting of a new gold alloy called Manganese White Gold that provides a longer lasting, brighter white gold eliminating the need for a rhodium plating. The rings and earrings are embellished with white diamonds as is the pendant. Moreover, the pendant and earrings feature the Clessidra cut, which gives the gem a double-sided profile, bound in the middle by a gold band. As well as adding volume and depth of tone, it allows the gemstone to rest directly on the skin for an intimate connection between the jewel and wearer.

The Milky Quartz Nudo is the perfect expression of the tender love of mother and child, permanently captured in these deeply symbolic jewels in the purest of colours.

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