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Fall-Winter 2021 trends from Boucheron’s Quatre Collection

Fall-Winter 2021 trends from Boucheron’s Quatre Collection

The Quatre line entered the Maison in 2004, imposing its graphic signature and contemporary temperament on the Boucheron universe. Over the years, it has become a timeless and unisex icon, constantly reinventing its sculptural allure and urban temperament. Its four rings take up the Boucheron architectural codes (the Grosgrain, the Diamants line, the Double Godron and the Clou de Paris), writing an elegant score capable of all the registers and all combinations: purity or accumulation, the sober and the spectacular, the classic as well as the surprising. The spirit of the collection? Mixing, matching, stacking up, playing with these codes and daring all styles. More than ever materials, textures and colors blend in one another: the Quatre collection asserts itself as a promise of style. The invitation of the season?
Love, which Boucheron has always celebrated. A love that unites, reverses, surprises and reinvents itself. From wedding rings to pendants and ear jewelry, an air of romance takes hold of the new creations from the Quatre collection, unleashing the creativity of those who wear it. Like Boucheron’s ambassador Alexa Chung, model and artistic director of her own brand, whose sense of style and repartee fit so rightly with the Boucheron spirit. It is up to her to reinvent the wearing of the Quatre collection just as we reinvent the wearing of a wardrobe classic, with audacity and freedom.

Quatre Radiant Edition wedding ring: yellow gold and white gold, the sculptural effect of the Clou de Paris motif and the sparkling power of a row of diamonds, when the contrast of materials seals the alliance of two hearts.

Quatre Radiant Edition wedding ring: the freshness of a Clou de Paris ring in rose gold marries the radiance of a line of white gold paved with diamonds: the result is a wedding ring whose assertive character perfectly fits with the Boucheron spirit.

Quatre Radiant Edition wedding ring: the marriage of diamonds and sculpted white gold, this wedding ring seals in two rings the harmony of love according to Boucheron. The Clou de Paris motif also gives way to the intense sparkle of the diamonds.

Pendant Quatre Classique: a soft line of rose gold, a sculpted brown PVD ring, two of the Quatre collection’s signature codes forming a delicate pendant that only asks to be completed by its other half, as a romantic pact of love.

Pendant Quatre Radiant: a fine yellow-gold chain, at the end of which sway two iconic motifs from the Quatre collection: a line paved with 13 round diamonds and a yellow-gold Grosgrain ring. To be matched tenderly with the Quatre Classique pendant.

Ear Clip M Quatre Black: a two-tone touch like a rock score to clip on the ear. These four powerfully graphic codes alternate white gold, the brilliance of diamonds and the mat luster of black PVD. A great way to play with other clips from the Quatre collection.

Ear Clip M Quatre Radiant: entirely in white gold, this clip plays with ultracontemporary jewelry. A dazzling line of diamonds, a Clou de Paris ring, an openwork line revealing bare skin and the Double Godron motif, this is a graphic impulse that freely envelops the ear.

Pendants style tips: when two pendants become one. These two complement each other as a matter of course and match any fashion mood: a dazzling white blouse rolled up at the sleeves over high-waisted pleated jeans. Or why not slip into the insolent opening of a mesh dress? And nothing prevents them from being separated into two beating hearts, to be worn as a duo. Each to their own, between a precious link and a secret dialog.

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