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Boucheron presents Serpent Bohème Aquaprase for summer 2021

Boucheron presents Serpent Bohème Aquaprase for summer 2021


Created in 1968, over the years Serpent Bohème has become a classic in the Boucheron repertoire, showcasing the craftsmanship of the Maison’s workshops. While artistic liberties have been taken with the motif in the last fifty years, playing with materials and the different ways Serpent Bohème could be worn, with the diamond paving sometimes swapped for a renewed palette of colorful stones, its spirit has always remained unchanged.

This summer, for the first time in the history of jewelry, Maison Boucheron introduces aquaprase on rings, necklaces, earrings and bangles. First discovered in 2015 in Zimbabwe, this translucent natural stone was named after its blue-green color, bestowing every piece with a gentle vibration. With panache and style, Serpent Bohème has never been so free.

Aquaprase S motif ring: a simple aquaprase drop crowned with white gold beads mounted on a twisted ring, giving the hand a glint of freshness.

Triple motif aquaprase ring: the charming trio of the season, two Serpent Bohème motifs in white gold paved with round diamonds are lit up by a drop of aquaprase.

Aquaprase ear studs: placed back-to-back, a white gold diamond-paved stud and sharp drop of aquaprase give these earrings a delicate form.

Aquaprase pendant: suspended from a finely twisted white gold chain studded with a pretty round diamond, the vibrant touch of aquaprase dances like a drop of water.

Pendant earrings: serpent Bohème earrings times four. Two by two and tip to tip, these earrings alternate the sparkle of diamonds and freshness of aquaprase. Suspended in pendant form, the four drops unfurl a waterfall of color.

Aquaprase long necklace: a long white gold chain punctuated with eight bright touches of aquaprase and six diamond-paved Serpent Bohème S motifs on each side. The luminous finish of this long necklace can be coiled twice around the neck or left to cascade in complete freedom.

Aquaprase bangle bracelet: a drop of blue-green and a drop of diamonds, both surrounded by white gold beads. Each is placed as if balancing the other at either end of the twisted bangle, which slides effortlessly onto the wrist.

Style tip: a blue-green stone with mint accents sets the tone, allowing you to reaffirm your style and be playful at the same time – just like this soft ivory round neck sweater combined with a cotton bustier. And, since we’re experimenting with layering, this look is honed further by a jewelry watch, a triple motif ring and Serpent Bohème pendant earrings.

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