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Ultra-refined dive into the heart of luxury

Ultra-refined dive into the heart of luxury


The Mazu 82 has it all. Designed by the famous Turkish designer Tanju Ozelgin and built by the Mazu Yachts shipyard, the vessel, with a carbon fiber structure, is fast, spacious and comfortable. A true floating masterpiece.

The goal of this 24.5-meter-long, 5.90-meter-wide sea palace was to create a world of sophistication and muted elegance. Entrusted to Tanju Ozelgin, a seasoned Turkish designer known for his meaningful spaces and objects, the design of this composite fiber/carbon motor yacht is intimate and comfortable. A contemporary, sober, relaxing and chic ambiance, enhanced by a soothing combination of warm direct and indirect light, subtle textures and muted colors, prevails on board. Offering a perfect balance between top speed, seaworthiness and energy efficiency, the boat has a modern look with large exterior spaces and openings in keeping with its interior design. Working closely with the Mazu Yachts shipyard, the designer optimized the volume, emphasizing the link between inside and outside as a whole, one being an extension of the other. This 82-footer’s sleek profile stands out above all for its flush main deck, with no steps, and the angular lines of the fully glazed deckhouse. At the owner’s request, the aft deck layout is modified to include terraced steps leading to the swim platform. These function as built-in furniture for guests to sit and converse with each other.

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